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How Do You Change These 8 Bad Habits Related to Chronic Prostatitis?

For men who are taking Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill for treatment of prostatitis, you must know that our outpatient doctors will always remind you to drink less alcohol and eat less spicy foods, so as not to prolong the treatment time.  On the one hand, drinking alcohol and eating spicy food will not only affect the efficacy of the medication, but more importantly, alcohol or spicy food will cause local vasodilation of the prostate, causing congestion of the prostate gland, which causes prostatitis.  

Prolonged repeated hyperemia of the prostate is one of the causes of Chronic Prostatitis, and irritating foods such as chilli, green onion, raw garlic, and pepper can cause vasodilation and organ congestion. Chronic Prostatitis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in urology. According to statistics, the clinical incidence in the general male population may reach 5%-8.8%.
Chronic prostatitis is associated with some bad habits in life.
Many men have the habit of drinking alcohol, but alcohol can cause local blood vessels in the prostate to dilate, causing prostate gland congestion, which causes prostatitis.  Many patients can avoid certain foods and be on a diet when the symptoms are severe, but as long as the symptoms are slightly lighter, they become less careful and even out of control, which is an important cause for prostatitis treatment course to be prolonged and the difficulty to heal ultimately.
In addition, prostatitis in many patients is due to long-term mental depression, and 50% of patients with Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fear, and over-pessimism. Emotional depression is the chief culprit in aggravating the physical performance of the disease and prolonging the treatment time to reduce the theraputic effect.
So, what other bad habits are affecting the chronic prostate?
Drinking and eating spicy food, we will not explain one by one. The bad habits of exposing to coldness, depression, suppressing sperm, holding back urination, sedentary and forbearance of thirst cannot be ignored. When a person is exposed to coldness, the sympathetic nerve is easily excited, causing the blood vessels to contract, which is easy to cause excretion of the prostatic fluid, thereby causing prostatitis.
Under long-term depression, the body's resistance and recovery ability will decrease, which will aggravate the characteristics of chronic prostatitis, and increase the difficulty of treatment. If men do not have regular sexual activity and are at the age of sexual impulses, their prostate can become congested to induce prostatitis when they forbear ejaculation often.
When holding back urination, the prostate gland shrinks, it will form chronic prostate congestion, resulting in increased pressure in the urethra, urine will reflux, enter the prostate, causing inflammation, a long time of the repeatance will form a calcification. Long sedentary, naturally hindering the local blood circulation and causing a disorder on the prostate, will produce a sterile compressive inflammation of the prostate, resulting in frequent urination, urgency, urinary tract burning and other bladder irritation.
In the case of forbearance of thirst, the lack of drinking water, the urine will be concentrated, the harmful toxic substances in the urine will accumulate, and the secretions of the prostate can not be washed out in a timely manner, which will cause prostatitis. However, even if you are diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis, you need not be in a panic. The patented herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill can cure it without relapse.

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