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Five Major Complications of Prostatitis, See If You Have Them?

Any disease that is not taken seriously can cause many serious complications, and Prostatitis is no exception.  So, what are the complications of Prostatitis? 

Dr.Lee Xiaoping, a doctor at the Dr.Lee TCM Clinic, said that the complications of Prostatitis include: urinary retention, Seminal Vesiculitis or Epididymitis and vas deferens, spermatic lymph nodes or tenderness, sexual dysfunction, etc.
Among them, the most common is easy to cause erectile dysfunction. In the early stage, there will be prostate congestion, edema or small abscess formation, and there may be ejaculation pain, painful erection, loss of libido, sexual pain, impotence, blood in semen and so on.
1. Seminal Vesiculitis or Epididymitis and vas deferens: due to anatomical and structural reasons, prostatic inflammation easily spreads to the seminal vesicle and seminal vesiculitis occurs.  At the same time, the bacteria can retrograde through the lymphatic vessels into the wall layer and outer sheath of the vas deferens and cause epididymal inflammation, which is characterized by redness and hard nodules in the epididymis, and tenderness, bulging sensation, and perineal discomfort.
2. Urinary retention: Prostatitis causes local congestion, swelling, and compression of the urethra, which may cause dysuria or urinary retention.
3. The lymph nodes of the spermatic cord are swollen or tender: the prostate and the spermatic cord have traffic in the small pelvis, and the inflammation of the prostate can affect the spermatic cord, causing the lymph nodes of the spermatic cord to be accompanied by complications of tenderness.
4. Sexual dysfunction: In the Prostatitis inflammatory phase, there could be prostate congestion, edema or small abscess formation, or ejaculation pain, painful erection, coupled with the appearance of systemic symptoms, which generally lead to loss of libido, painful intercourse, impotence, etc. What's more, due to the spread of inflammation,and invasion of small blood vessels, there will be complications such as blood in semen or Hemospermia.
5. Others: Prostatitis may be accompanied by inguinal traction pain, and complications of renal colic may occur in severe cases.
In addition, if the inflammatory phase is mainly manifested in impotence, for the patient, this will directly affect the relationship between husband and wife.  Chronic Prostatitis causes sputum inflammation, there will be post-urethral discomfort, and even urinary irritations, frequent urination and dysuria, premature ejaculation or nocturnal emission.  
Since inflammatory edema can affect the contractile force of the posterior urethra, the semen does not eject but slowly flows out, causing the pleasure to weaken or disappear.  The prostate gland is swollen, causing great trouble to the patient.
The prostate surrounds the posterior part of the urethra, the front is connected to the lower part of the pubis, and the back is attached to the anterior wall of the rectum.  There is a small depression at the junction of the base of the prostate and the back. The ejaculation tubes on both sides enter and open to the posterior urethra.  Therefore, Prostatitis can have a serious impact on the entire genitourinary system. Untimely treatment or improper treatment can cause serious complications.
Prevention of Prostatitis complications is due to early detection and early treatment. Dr. Lee Xiaoping's national patented TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill is for the treatment of various complications caused by Prostatitis, and the clinical effect is significant.  Its main functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, stimulating blood circulation and easing pain, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria can eliminate bladder and urinary tract symptoms in patients, its stable therapic effect with no side effects, and effectiveness in treating male infertility caused by reproductive system inflammation and sexual dysfunction have been acknowledged by many patients and medical experts.

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