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Prostatitis Is Called Non-Fatal Cancer?

"I am 38 years old and I was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis about 2 years ago. The actual medical history might be 4 to 5 years. Now I feel that the lower part is sore, uncomfortable, painful, and it is difficult to urinate. Different medicine have been tried, plus physiotherapy and enema. It costed me tens of thousands of dollars. I am very upset now, and I am at my wit's end." - One patient said.

Is prostatitis a "non-fatal cancer"? Let us recognize the truth through the following points.
[Correct understanding of prostate disease] Prostatitis is caused by a variety of complex causes, mainly manifested as urinary tract irritation and Chronic Pelvic Pain, such as burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, dysuria, urinary fatigue, perineum, genital pain and discomfort. About 50% of men are affected by prostatitis at some point in their lives, with adult males under 50 years of age having a higher prevalence. Prostatic Hyperplasia is more common in people over 50 years old.
1. Special Structure
The surface of the prostate is covered by a very flexible 3-layer envelope. The outer layer is composed of loose connective tissue and veins, the middle layer is the fibrous sheath, and the inner layer is the muscular layer. The capsule of the prostate forms a "barrier" which has protective significance for the prostate, and also makes the therapeutic drug difficult to enter the gland. The special structure becomes the cause of treatment difficulties.
2. Treatment Is Not Complete
The patient may be stopping treating the disease due to his own economic pressure. So the treatment of prostatitis is not complete. When our own resistance declines, prostatitis will recur again.
3. Treatment Is Not Standardized
Although some patients may have seen many doctors, they actually did not get enough treatment. For example, he saw a doctor and after two weeks,he didn't wait for the curative effect and he was in a hurry, so he changed to another doctor. He didn't take time for any one of the doctors' prescription medicine to take effect, so there is no complete treatment at any one of the doctors, how can he get a cure?
Above all, prostate diseases are not only common but also causing great pain to patients, and the treatment is generally not satisfactory, but we have already learned the main reason why prostatitis is difficult to cure, although we can not change the physiological structure of the prostate, we can change our mindset and methods of treating the disease.
Prostatitis is not an "non-fatal cancer", face it, the prostatitis barrier will become very small. Male friends should find a reliable doctor, strictly follow the doctor's advice and guidance, the symptoms will gradually improve. Dr. Lee from Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic is a reliable doctor. 
Through 30 years of clinical experience, she summed up a TCM formula prescription for treating male genitourinary diseases. The curative effect is remarkable. It can cure the chronic prostatitis with no recurrence, no drug resistance, no side effects, and complete safety. At present, tens of thousands of patients have successfully recovered from chronic prostatitis by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

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