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Why does IT Man Suffer from Prostatitis Easily?

Prostatitis is a systemic or local acute and chronic inflammation caused by prostate specific and nonspecific infections. Prostatitis can be divided into the nonspecific bacterial prostatitis, the prostate gland disease (in idiopathic bacterial prostatitis), specificity prostatitis (by neisseria gonorrhoeae, n/med tuberculosis bacterium, fungi, parasites, etc.), nonspecific granulomatous prostatitis and other pathogens such as (viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, ect.) cause prostatitis, the prostate hyperemia and prostate can become painful. (feel free to check https://www.webmd.com/men/guide/prostatitis for more details)

Pony is 24 years old this year who is a “code farmer”namely IT work, due to the work needs, he has to sit in front of the computer every day, even more than 10 hours a day. Sometimes he is too busy to drink a mouthful of water, but Pony has always a frequent urgency of urination, which is often made fun of by his colleagues. 
This seriously affected the pony’s working condition. Recently, Pony went to the hospital to find out what is the reason of his frequent and urgent urination, the results show that he unfortunately sufferes from prostatitis.
Why is IT works prone to suffer prostatitis?
The main reason why IT works are easy to get prostatitis is that they often sit for a long time, which makes the prostate gland excretion is not smooth. For the IT elite like Pony, they often sit too much, which is easy to suffer from prostatitis. 
Prostatitis has become one of the male urological diseases with the highest incidence in young and middle-aged men. And this inflammation is often unrelated to bacterial infections. The inducement of prostatitis includes the following respects:
1.Bibulosity and spicy food;
2.Inappropriate activities. Sitting for a long time causes long-term congestion of the prostate;
3.Cold, overwork causes the body resistance to decline to special constitution;
4.Long-term and chronic pelvic floor muscle compression;
5.Latrogenic injuries such as urinary catheterization, ect. 
And the symptom of prostatitis basically includes: local ache and urinate abnormalities which can be: urinary urgency, urinary frequency, urinary pain, and increased nocturnal urination. Because chronic pain does not heal over time, the patients’quality of life is greatly affected, and may have sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory loss, and so on. 
A study has found that nearly half of people in today’s society find it difficult to get up and move once they sit down at work. Some people even move only when they go to the bathroom. For IT works, they spend most of their day sitting. Why are IT men prone to have prostatitis? 
Specific reasons are as follows:
1. it is easy to let the prostate gland injury when people is sedentary.  IT elite sit for eight hours or more a day is common, especially the sedentary is on soft sofa chair, but in the sofa, the filler will parcel, oppression scrotum and make the venous return. It also may make a man of the reproductive system blood microcirculation obstruction, metabolism slower, resulting in the metabolism of all kind of harmful substance, filling in the prostate which causes the exacerbation of aseptic prostate and various bacterial prostatitis.
2.Lack of exercise, which lead to decline of their resistance to illness. IT elite usually work under great pressure, so when they are idle, they will choose to sleep at home to rest, rather than going out to exercise, which greatly reduce immunity, contributing to the incidence of prostatitis momentum; 
3.The dinner party is various, IT elite on work need to be with people from all walks of life and social parties, each time for socialization, smoking, alcohol and spicy food cannot be avoided. However, this kind of things can make blood capillary dilate, congestion of the prostate, exudate more between tisssue cells and make the prostate gland volume become bigger. It also provide excellent conditions to cause oppression of nerve tissue which adjust local features and the generation of prostatitis. 
How can we treat prostatitis?
Generally speaking, if you have suffer from prostatitis, there’s no need to feel too nervous. It can be cured, only if you pay attention in your daily life and try to take some measures every day. Including warm sitz bath, giving up smoking and drinking alcohol, avoiding to eat excitant food, avoiding sedentary and be sure to keep warm, ect,. 
At the same time, sport exercise is also very important, outside activities and physical exercise, such not only can strengthen physical health, but also can improve the immunity of human body.  In addition, drink water more, do not hold back urine, abstaine sexual life, take lukewarm water bath and avoid ministry of the perineum to rub. 
There are other ways to keep away the disease like avoiding wine as far as possible, eating pungent and excitant food less in order to avoid to cause prostate and bladder neck repeatedly congestive and local bilge painful feeling aggravation.
If the condition is very serious,  then you should go to the hospital in time to see a doctor and listen to the doctor’s advice for treatment. In addition, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a very effective treatment of prostatitis, our patients can try it!

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