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Why Can't Prostatitis Patients Eat Spicy Food?

Why can’t prostatitis patients eat spicy food? Patients cannot eat spicy food, such as scallions, raw garlic, pepper or other stimulating food. Although this food can increase the taste of dishes, they would cause vascular dilation and organ congestion, which are dangerous for prostate patients. Otherwise it will lead to delay and difficulty of the treatment of prostatitis. (Prostate.Net has more details on Foods to Avoid For Prostatitis)

Patients can use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a assistant medicine which can effectively treat prostate with the function of heat-clearing, detoxification and other effects.
In the treatment of prostate, patients must pay attention to the usual preventive work. As the saying goes, “Medicine is better than food, and sleep is better than medicine”, which means that sleep is the best tonic! Morpheus, food and drink are the key factors of health maintenance.
People expends a large amount of energy in labor, work and study, which is not only count on food but morpheus. There is an old saying that”It is better to lie alone than to take medicine in a hundred wraps”, which means that a good sleep is better than taking tonic. 
Patients with prostatitis need to pay a lot of attention to dietary aspect, some food cannot be eaten. Otherwise, there might lead to adverse consequences. Patients should avoid certain food such as fried, greasy food, mildew and acrimony food, like mutton, animal kidney, animal penis or testis, chooped onion, garlic, ginger, Chinese prickly ash and chili, ect. All of those food are adverse to human body and may lead to aggravation. 
Whether there is a bacterial or aseptic chronic prostatitis, inflamed prostate will be widespread congestive. So, it is very important to avoid aggravating prostatic hyperemia again caused by the improper diet. Patients should treat in time when they got any kind of disease, especially urinary tract infection. 
If patients want to recovery from disease as soon as possible, it is best to start from the daily diet and living habits. Good life habits must be developed, patients cannot hold back urine for long time. 
Excessive sitting, spicy food, alcohol and smoke should be prohibited. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for the treatment of prostate. This TCM formula has the effect of activating blood circulation and removing stasis, heat-clearing and detoxification. In addition, it has the function of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, which can make the prostate unobstructed and active the tissue. 
All of above functions are conducive to the recovery of prostate.  

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