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Effective treatment of prostatitis with seminal vesiculitis

According to relevant data, about one in five men will suffer from prostatitis. And among middle-aged men, this proportion will increase to one-third.  This data shows that prostatitis has a high incidence among men and women, and there are many patients with prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis at the same time. 

Once the diagnosis is prostatitis with seminal vesiculitis, what effective treatment methods are there? We responded to this question with Mr. Carter’s case:
5 years ago, the scrotum was always wet, and there was a urinary urgency and frequency.
Five years ago, Mr. Carter, who just graduated from college, had inadvertently found that his scrotum was always wet. At the beginning of the period, he thought that his own hygiene was not in place. He started to wash his underwear with warm water every morning and evening. The underwear was also changed twice a day, but the problem of scrotum wetness still existed. Later, it also evolved into many severe symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and yellowing of semen.
Medical examination confirmed that it is prostatitis.
When the symptoms were always repeated, Mr. Carter found a relatively good hospital for examination. Prostate fluid examination and urine routine examination indicated prostatitis. Detailed examination showed 25% lecithin bodies , 20-30/HP white blood cells, 3-5HP pus cells , and 2-5/HP prostate granule cells, indicating bacterial prostatitis.  
At that time, he was treated with sodium chloride injection, rectal treatment and biomagnetic resonance treatment in the hospital. The 9-day treatment continued to consume more than 10,000.
Review prompts that the symptoms are alleviated but appear blood sperm and scrotal itching
After 1 month, the prostatic fluid showed no white blood cells and no pus cells, but the lecithin body was still 25%. The prostate granule cells were 2-5/HP, and red blood cells were also found. The semen still showed obvious yellow color as before.  In addition, although the symptoms of urinary urgency are relieved, the scrotum appears burning and itching, and there is blood after masturbation.  This review was diagnosed as prostatitis with seminal vesiculitis. 
Effective treatment of prostatitis with seminal vesiculitis
Seeing that the original prostatitis eventually developed with seminal vesiculitis, Mr. Carter was very depressed.  In the following period of time, he did not continue treatment. As long as the urinary frequency and urgency were serious, he went to the hospital for infusion. Then the symptoms of anti-inflammatory were alleviated, but there were still blood sperm from time to time.  
Aftert the recent masturbation, there was blood sperm, and he began to panic. After hemostasis treatment, antibiotic treatment, finasteride treatment, and seminal vesicle flushing, blood sperm still appeared from time to time.
Upon finding us to seek advice, Mr. Carter directly asked us about that whether there had been an effective treatment for prostatitis with seminal vesiculitis like his case. In fact, patients with prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis are everywhere. In the case of long-term antibiotic treatment, the most effective method is to replace it. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic anti-inflammatory Pill can treat it. If the symptom of blood sperm is severe, you need to cooperate with hemostasis or hemostatic drugs to stop bleeding.  Under the dual effect, it can achieve better results.

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