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What Is the Feeling of the Prostate being "Massaged"?

Where is the prostate?

The prostate is a male-only organ hidden in the bottom of the pelvis, which is invisible and invisible from the outside. Fortunately, the rectum is close to the back of the prostate, and the posterior contour of the prostate can be touched across the rectal wall. Touching the prostate through a digital rectal examination is a very common test when it is suspected of a male prostate disease. It is very important to know the size and contour of the prostate, whether there are tumor nodules, etc., or to collect prostatic fluid.
How to massage the prostate
In the urology department, the prostate rectal examination is done this way: the patient knees on the examination bed, squats forward, both elbows support the body, raise the buttocks, medically called "knee chest position". The doctor puts on the gloves, applies the lubricating oil, and the index finger slowly enters the patient's anus. Pressing down, you can touch the prostate through the front wall of the rectum. The feeling of touching the texture of the normal prostate is called texture and toughness, which is equivalent to the feeling of touching the tip of the nose with a finger. When the finger feels like touching the forehead, this texture is called hard, suggesting that there may be cancer.
What is the feeling of the prostate being massaged?
Many people in the rectal examination, in addition to the inner sputum, will have some discomfort of inflation, but they do not have to be nervous, they can do some deep breathing to relax. The rectal examination usually takes about 10 seconds. If the prostatic fluid is taken for testing, the prostate may be massaged for a longer period of time. When the prostatic fluid is squeezed out, some people may have a feeling of "Seminal emission".
The digital rectal examination is the most preliminary and basic examination of the prostate. Urological surgeons have discovered a lot of prostate cancer by relying on "golden fingers." If you have an inflammation of the prostate, don't worry. Orally take Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
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