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Potential Hazards of Prostate Massager

Many people know that if the prostate is not properly treated, it is likely to suffer from prostate diseases, and the prostate massager is a health massage product on the market that relieves prostate diseases. However, due to improper use of the individual, etc., there will be some harm in the process of using the prostate massager. Let's take a look at it together.

Use of frontal massager
1. The number of stools and physical properties of individual patients will change during prostate massage. This phenomenon will disappear automatically after the end of massage therapy.
2, The prostate massager has a certain effect on the massage of the prostate, but it is a machine after all, it is convenient to use without hand, and can not fully follow the anatomical characteristics of the prostate, so it is recommended that patients can massage by hand.
3, if the patient can not use the prostate massager correctly, it will bring some serious harm, which will cause the prostate discomfort and even local damage.
Prostate massage method
The patient is in a squatting position or lateral flexion, and then cleans the anus and lower rectum. Press the middle finger or index finger to press the prostate. 3 to 5 minutes each time, with prostatic fluid excretion from the urethra is preferred.
Doctor massage
The patient takes the chest and knee or the lateral position. The doctor uses the index finger to enter the anus to touch the prostate on the anterior wall of the rectum. In an order of from the outside upward to the inside downward, the prostate is gently pressed on, and the patient is told to lift the anus and immediately urinate when prostatic fluid discharges from the urethra.
Finally, no matter which way to massage, please consult to the doctor first, do not operate by yourself without any guidance.
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