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Five Groups of Men are Prone to Prostatitis

Prostatitis can not only cause pain but also cause sexual dysfunction. Prostatitis is as common as a cold, and 35 to 50 percent men will be troubled at some point in their lives, and many patients suffer from recurrent symptoms until old age, and the following 5 types of people are prone to prostatitis.

1. Sedentary men

Office workers, students, long-sitting gamers, professional drivers, etc. are all prone to prostatitis.Driving for a long time causes the prostate to be in a state of congestion at all times. The partial blood circulation of the prostate is not good, metabolites accumulate, the prostate gland is blocked, and the prostate fluid excretion is not smooth, which lead to prostatitis.


2. Cycling men

The special position of cycling will oppress the urethra and prostate, damage the urethra and prostate, and cause local inflammation, congestion, and ischemia in the prostate. At the same time, the irritation of inflammation causes the perineum and pelvic floor muscle pasms, frequent cycling can cause recurrent inflammation and repeated pain.


3. Men who love hot spices and alcohol


The incidence of prostatitis is closely related to living and eating habits. Basically tabacco, alcohol, and hot spices (including pepper, chilli, curries, raw garlic, etc.) making the condition of patients with prostate inflammation worse.

4. Men who have irregular sex and frequent masturbation

Men who have excessive sex or long-term abstinence are prone to prostatitis, too few sexual activities will lead to frequent sexual impulses, so that the prostate is often in a congestivestate, thus inducing prostatitis; at the same time, too little semen ejaculation will cause semen deposition, which is also the cause of prostatitis.

5. Sexually active men

Sexual impulses can induce prostate congestion, and frequent congestion is also an important cause of prostatitis. Frequent browsing of erotic websites is more likely to stimulate prostatic fluid and seminal fluid accumulating in the prostate, and the lack of rapid excretion and release, as well as sitting in a fixed position in front of the computer for a long time also cause the prostate to be mechanically oppressed and it aggravates congestion and swelling, which will promote the occurrence of prostatitis.

Natural Therapy and Radical Cure to Prostatitis

Along with a diet plan, natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can heal prostate in 1 to 3 months, it'll be an ultimate recovery with low rate of recurrence. This TCM formula has the main effects of heat clearing and detoxification, blood circulation activation, anti-hyperplasia, anti-fibrosis, and anti-calcification, and will not produce drug tolerance or drug resistance.

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