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How to Overcome Sexual Dysfunction When you have Prostatitis

Does prostatitis reduce sexual performance? The answer is YES. Many men are very concerned about this problem, especially in the context of the high incidence of prostatitis in modern society, we need to know how to solove this problem.

The prostate has abundant adrenergic receptors, which can easily cause sympathetic nerve excitation, gland contraction, local blood circulation obstruction, chronic congestion, frequent urination, urgency of urine, perineal pain and other symptoms. At the same time, if the patient's immunity is low, then bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms can enter, so prostatitis could occur.
After suffering from prostatitis, patients will have different degrees of impatience, emotional instability, so in sexual life there will be impotence or premature ejaculation, and prostatitis will lead to abnormal central nervous system, sexual desire significantly decreases. Some men stop having sex after suffering from prostatitis. Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis accounts for 90% of chronic prostatitis.
Regular sexual life can effectively discharge the deposited prostatic fluid, alleviate symptoms, increase the blood circulation of the prostate, promote inflammatory absorption, which is conducive to the cure of prostatitis at last.
Modern classification of prostate disease diagnosis and treatment is through gene detection technology, to identify the underlying causes of prostate disease, and then coordinate with ZRL prostate visual cavity interventional therapy system and other advanced technology equipment to help patients get more accurate plan of recovery with no recurrence.
The treatment of prostatic visible cavity interventional therapy is a pioneering method integrating advanced technology at home and abroad. It uses ZRL-II-A type of visible cavity interventional therapy system. The system is equipped with B-mode ultrasound system, which adopts the principle of biological closed circuit, microwave, short wave, radio frequency and other thermal effects, as well as pressure perfusion of liquid medicine, local drug irrigation, and high-frequency electromagnetic field concussion, etc.
It overcomes the shortcomings of single treatment and strengthens the synergy of various treatments. It is a comprehensive treatment method, which can kill pathogenic microorganisms more thoroughly and further improve the treatment effect.However it causes damage to urethra.
In the meantime, because of the side effects of antibiotics, many patients begin to put safety and effectiveness at the equal important position. For example, they would choose natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is a TCM formula mainly made of natural herbs.
After many years of clinical practice, it has been proved that Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, as an exclusive prescription medicine patent of Dr.Lee Clinic, can effectively treat testicular inflammation symptoms, with herbs like houttuynia cordata, honeysuckle, gardenia, forsythia suspensa and so on, they work effectively to remove pathogenic bacteria and inflammation; While herbs such as plantago seed, fringed pink, polygonum avicularewhich, etc.can diuretic and free strangury, and improve the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency of urination; peach kernel, safflower and radices saussureae can promote blood circulation.
Moreover, when these herbs work together, they can also help patients to regulate the interior environment, balance Qi and blood, improve immunity, thereby eliminating the sexual dysfunction caused by prostatitis from the root cause.

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