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Hemospermia Prostatitis - Why Does This Happen?

What are the symptoms of prostatitis in men? What is hemospermia prostate?

The emergence of prostatitis is a kind of torture for men, and men's aging begins with the prostate. When a man's body is still strong, his urination function is the first to show abnormality. Prostatitis is not only on the issue of urination but also symptoms such as prostatic pain could seriously affect men's lives.
Early detection is recommended for timely treatment, so let's find out what symptoms of the disease are, and what is hemospermia prostatitis?
Symptoms of male prostatitis:
Local symptoms: swelling on posterior urethra, lower abdomen, perineum, and anus, lumbar acid swelling, swelling pain aggravates when squatting or defecate.
Urinary discomfort: bladder irritation, frequent urination, burning sensation on urinary tract, pain radiation to the head of the penis, urinary orifice or mucus and other secretions in the morning, the feeling of dysuria.
Sexual dysfunction: Prostatitis can affect the quality of semen, white discharge appears on the urethral orifice after urination, and if together with seminal vesicle inflammation, hemospermia could appear. Besides, long-term prostatic pain will lead to decrease in male sexual desire or ejaculation pain, making male sexual dysfunction.
Radioactive pain: If the prostate is serious, the pain is not only confined to the urethra and perineum but also radiates to the nearby area. Lower back pain is more common, and sometimes on penis, spermatic cord, and testicular scrotum. The root of thigh and rectum can be involved too.
Other symptoms: It can cause neurasthenia, insomnia, fatigue, and depression, etc.,  long-term prostatitis can even cause other body allergies, such as conjunctivitis and arthritis lesions. When early symptoms of the disease are found, patients should go to the hospital in time for treatment in order to avoid causing more harm. 
Let's find out what is hemospermia. Most patients may have prostatitis and seminal vesicle inflammation at the same time, which are adjacent to each other in male urogenital structure. If one part is infected by pathogenic bacteria, the spread of inflammation will affect the other part, which makes the patients mistakenly think that they have prostatitis and hemospermia.
Therefore, the bloody sperm symptom and inflammation on prostate is actually a combination of prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, seminal vesiculitis causes hemospermic ejaculation.
Tips for Treatment:
Since it is proved antibiotics do not work on chronic non-bacterial prostatitis and hemospermia, natural way of curing hemospermia prostatitis has become many patients' choice. For example, they try Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is a TCM formula, made of over 50 kinds of herbs, working to eliminate heat and inflammations in the prostate, clear up bacteria and infections, promote blood circulation and wipe out toxins, so as to restore male reproductive system. There is no side effects or drug resistance.
In the meatime, patients are supposed to drink warm water, ensure enough sleep, avoid staying up late, have light diet, get proper physical exercise, abstinence from alcohol and spicy stimulation, lower sex frequency, avoid sitting for a long time, and do regular prostate massage, etc.

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