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Recurrent Prostate Infection: The Reasons Behind the "Why"

Prostate disease can bring great harm to men. For some of our male friends, it is always difficult to get a cure or have recurrent symptoms. So what are the causes behind all these?

1. The intake of spicy food
Spicy food, such as onion, raw garlic, pepper and other irritating foods, can cause vasodilation and organ congestion. Some patients with chronic prostatitis have spicy-dieting habits, which often lead to aggravated symptoms, and when the symptoms are relieved, they begin to take the irritating food again, which is also an important reason for the recurrence of prostatitis over and over again.
2. The influence of anatomical position
The position of the prostate is relatively deep. The secretion of the prostate needs to be discharged into the urethra through the prostatic hall before it is discharged out of the body. And since the prostatic duct enter the urethra at right angle or obliquely, the secretion is not easy to discharge smoothly. On the contrary, pathogenic microorganisms or urine are prone to retrograde entry into the glands leading to prostatitis.
3. The insufficiency of bacteriostatic effect
The structure of prostatic capsule, glandular tissue and stroma forms a barrier, which makes it difficult for most antibiotics to penetrate the prostate capsule and enter the gland, thus failing to reach an effective bacteriostatic concentration.
Because of the side effects of chemical or hormonal antibiotics, many patients have been dealing with side effects or repeated recurrence. Therefore, safe and no-side-effects natural medicine has become the first choice for many patients to treat prostatitis.
After 30 years of clinical practice, it has been proved that Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, an exclusive prescription medicine of Wuhan Dr.Lee TCM Clinic, can effectively cure prostatitis with almost no recurrence.
Its formula contains a wide variety of herbal ingredients, among them, Houttuynia cordata, honeysuckle, gardenia, and Forsythia suspense can effectively clear up various pathogenic bacteria and eliminate inflammation; plantain seed and fringed pink work on diuresis and treating stranguria, so as to remove symptoms of frequent urge of urination; peach kernel, safflower, corydalis tuber and banksia rose can relieve perineal and lumbar pain.
And all these herbs play an integrated role to regulate internal environment, balance blood and Qi, and enhance immunity, thereby patients will recover with improved physical health.
Note: What are the causes for prostatitis to occur:
1. Nosogenic habits
Frequent alcoholism, cycling, horseback riding can cause prostate congestion, which can easily lead to the occurrence of prostatitis.
2. Prostatic hyperplasia
Benign prostatic hyperplasia can lead to congestion of male prostate tissue, which may cause infection. If the urethral dilatation is not rigorous, the bacteria brought into the instrument will invade, thus inducing prostatitis.
3. Diseases related to urethritis
Urethra, as a neighbor of the prostate, is often invaded by some bacteria, which can easily lead to prostatitis.
4. Not keeping warm
Cooling can lead to sympathetic nerve activity in the prostate, increase the pressure in the urethra, obstruct excretion due to contraction, produce congestion and cause prostatitis.
5. The unreasonable design of men's underwear
It can lead to high temperatures on men's genitals, which can become a hotbed for bacteria, and it will also cause prostatitis.

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