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Key Points in How to Treat Gonococcal Prostatitis

There are many kinds of prostatitis, and gonococcal prostatitis is one of them. Gonorrhoeae prostatitis is caused by an ascending infection of gonococcus in the urethra. In general, patients with acute gonococcal urethritis are almost accompanied by prostatitis. 

How to treat gonococcal prostatitis is also a concern of patients. The key of gonococcal prostatitisis treatment is to eliminate the focus of infection, and there are many methods for eliminating gonorrhoea.
For the treatment of prostatitis, the most important method is antibiotic therapy. It is effective for gram-positive bacilli to diffuse drugs from plasma into prostatic fluid. However, it is difficult for drugs to penetrate the envelope of prostate, so antibiotics are not all effective in the treatment of prostatitis. 
Moreover, antibiotics are prone to drug resistance and drug tolerance, which also have adverse effects on treatment. In the selection of antibiotics, relatively sensitive treatment should generally be chosen. If necessary, several drugs can be used in combination. In order to avoid side effects, antibiotics are not suitable for long-term use.
Another common treatment is herbal medicine, which can also play a good role in the treatment of gonococcal prostatitis. For symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency of urination, diuretic and stranguria-treating herbs can be applied; For urinary pain, prostatic swelling and tenderness found in rectal finger examination, herbal medicine can be used to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; for pathogenic gonococcus, rational use of antipyretic and detoxifying ingredients can help the treatment. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills do better in this respect.
Eliminating gonococcus is the key to treat gonorrhoeae prostatitis, otherwise it is easy for the symptoms to relapse. Diuretic and Anti-inflamamtory Pill is a good choice to clear up the gonococcus bacteria and restore the reproductive system health.

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