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Does Prostate Congestion Affect Older Men?

Prostate hyperemia is due to a variety of pathogenic factors, such as drinking too much, long-term addiction to spicy foods, frequent sexual activities, long-time sitting and so on, they make the prostate parts of the blood flow slower than normal, and when the blood can't pass through the prostate gland and the excessive accumulation can lead to prostate enlargement, sometimes patients can have symptoms of pain.

In addition, chronic prostatitis can occur when the prostate becomes engorged with blood and enlarged for a long time. British scientist Miller found that the symptoms of prostatitis have different degrees of tension when the symptoms appear after overwork, fatigue and anxiety, etc. So he pointed out that the behavioral therapy to eliminate tension in the treatment of chronic prostatitis is certainly beneficial.
Domestic statistical materials also support this outcome. It is reported that about 65%  patients with chronic prostatitis are a unit of middle managers and business backbone, and gradually tends to younger in recent years, especially in males over the age of 35 who are middle-level managers. 
Their social responsibility increase after middle age and mental pressure also grow. And inflammatory stimulation can aggravate the congestion and enlargement of the prostate gland
For prostate hyperemia and swelling, blood accumulation is the root cause, and sometimes the patient is very painful, in order to effectively treat this, it is necessary to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, activate Qi to relieve pain.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the efficacy of invigorating the circulation of Qi so as to remove pain, treating stranguria to make frequent urge to urinate disappear, clearing heat and detoxifying so as to eliminate inflammation, these features combined together can bring an ultimate cure to chronic prostatitis and prostate congestion.

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