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What Makes Inflammation on the Prostate Gland?

The prostate gland is a male-specific organ, and it’s the one that gives men a lot of headaches. Because the prostate gland could be highly inflamed, its occurrence is actually closely related to many of the daily habits.

1. Urine reflux: This is a clear cause of prostatitis which has been demonstrated in the laboratory. The male urethra passes through the prostate, and under the influence of some factors, the pressure on the urethra can be changed, and the urine can return to the gland of the prostate through the prostate excretory tube to cause the aseptic inflammation.
2. Prostatic hyperemia: The prostate is an important cause for congestion due to various causes, especially passive congestion. This kind of circumstance is very common in the clinical practice, mostly in the drivers, the students, the bicycle hobbists, the IT workers, etc.
There are several common causes of congestion:
① The direct compression on the perineum: Riding a bicycle, riding a horse, and sitting for a long time can cause the prostate to be congested, especially on a bicycle. Now there are a lot of people who like to ride and it is suggested to them to change a suitable prostate protection pad, which is very helpful.
② Alcohol and spicy food: The prostate is very sensitive to alcohol, and alcohol can make the prostate congest and cause sexual excitement. There are many patients who lose all their efforts after a long treatment because of a single drink.
③ Excessive massage: When the technique of prostate massage is too heavy or too frequent it can lead the prostate to be in a congestive status, which is a medical hyperemia. If there is a regular routine of life, prostate massage can be avoided by wiping out sperm to achieve the purpose of prostate drainage.
④ The cold: The prostate has a rich antigen receptor, and after the cold, the sympathetic activity can be stimulated, the internal pressure of the urethra is increased, the excretion is prevented, and the prostate tube is also hindered from being discharged due to the contraction, and the stagnation of the accumulation is generated.
3. Infection: Various microorganisms, such as bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomoniasis and so on, can infect the prostate.
Due to all kinds of potential hazards, Dr. Lee of herbalist in Wuhan, has summed up a herbal medicine prescription Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treating prostatitis through the clinical experience of 30 years, and which has applied for the use of non-bacterial and bacterial prostatic inflammatory disease.

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