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What Does Prostatic Congestion Refer to?

For men, the prostate is crucial. Why? Because the prostate can secrete prostatic fluid, which is one of the important components of semen, and also plays a great role in in sexual life. However, what can we do when prostatic congestion occurred?


We all know that the main function of the prostate is to secrete the prostatic fluid. When sexual impulse occurs, the prostate is often congested, leading to prostatic swelling. At the same time, the secretion of the prostatic fluid will increase. If prostatic tissue is given repeated stimulation by many factors, it will cause chronic congestion of the prostate, lead to the expansion of the prostatic vesicle, and cause edema of the tissue between the glands. Over time, when similar chronic prostatitis occurs, the prostatic structure of the patient will be attacked, thus showing symptoms of chronic inflammation.


The causes of prostatic congestion are complex, common factors include frequent sexual impulses, excessive sexual intercourse, or prolonged abstinence; long-term overdrinking, eating spicy and stimulating food; long-term sedentary lifestyle, riding horses and bicycles a lot; long-term contact with damp and cool ground or objects leading to get a cold and so on, all those causes may cause prostatic congestion.

Generally speaking, pure prostatic congestion does not require special treatment, as long as sufficient attention is paid to prevent the occurrence of factors that may cause or increase the risk of getting prostatic congestion. In order to avoid causing repeated prostatic congestion. Clinically, many patients with prostatic congestion are often misjudged as prostatitis and treated blindly, many youngsters carry a heavy burden of prostatitis prematurely, resulting in serious physical and mental injury. Even worse, because of long-term treatment, they usually get mental depression and anxiety.
Especially many patients with pure prostatic congestion are misjudged as chronic prostatitis and take a lot of antibiotics for a long time, which leads to the imbalance of bacteria in the body. This provides a favorable opportunity for larger and more serious infections in the future, triggers a series of side effects and even causes various diseases. The occurrence of the disease brings heavy burden to the patient's mentally and financially. Therefore, the prostatic congestion should not be treated incorrectly in order to prevent unnecessary loss.
But for some friends who want to recover quickly, besides the self-repair of their own body, what better treatment can be taken? Since the use of antibiotics and other chemical medicines will lose more than gain, such as serious psychological trauma and side effects, patients can also take conservative natural medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, the main components are natural medicin such as plantain seed, lilac pink herb, Polygonum aviculare, safflower, peach kernel,  angelica, red paeonia, Houttuynia cordata and so on.
It has the functions of activating blood circulation and relieving pain, inducing diuresis for treating stranguria, sterilization, anti-inflammation and detumescence. It can help patients to urinate smoothly, increase the frequency of urination, help bacteria in the body to excrete through urination, and also eliminate the prostate swelling caused by the congestion of the prostate. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote faster and more thorough cure of illness, restore healthy life and make patients back to work quickly.

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