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Will Prostatitis Cause Lower Back Pain?

I believe most of you may have heard of Prostatitis, as a common disease in men, prostatitis can be classified into different types according to different symptoms. Varying types of prostatitis usually have distinctive symptoms, although the specific symptoms of each type are different, sometimes they still have something in common. 

If the condition of the patient is serious, there may be varying degrees of pain in different parts of their body. As the condition deteriorates, most of the patients will have lower back pain. Besides, there will be discomfort in the lower abdomen, fatigue, soreness, and other symptoms. This condition is easy to be misdiagnosed, patients may think it is caused by lumbar muscle strain and other factors.
The existence of prostatitis may also be related to chronic inflammation, patients should receive prompt anti-inflammation treatment to prevent infection of other surrounding organs. Besides, what should be paid attention to is the fact that prostatitis may also be related to our immunity, which requires patients to check regularly whether there are bacteria, viruses, or mycoplasma infection in their body. then they can be symptomatically treated.
There is another reason why prostatitis can cause lower back pain, prostatitis may cause more or less damage to patients’ kidney, and it may also induce inflammation of the urinary system, such as pyelonephritis and hydronephrosis, and cause great harm to the normal kidney cells, while kidney health is closely related to human’s back, so patients with prostatitis usually have symptoms such as lower back pain.
At present, the treatment of prostatitis mostly is based on antibiotic therapy, patients normally will take the drug sensitivity test to choose sensitive antibiotics. However, long-term use of antibiotics will lead to drug resistance and side effects. If your symptoms are not alleviated after a period taking antibiotics, you may need to consider changing the medication in time. 
In some severe cases, patients may also need surgery. If patients relapse after an operation or the antibiotic treatment is ineffective, they can take the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the function of anti-fibrosis and anti-proliferative, it also has a great effect in the treatment of prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis.
Although prostatitis can cause lower back pain, it is only one of the many causes. In daily life, many other diseases may lead to low back pain, too. In addition to the kidney problems mentioned above and the causes of prostatitis, other causes such as lumbar muscle strain, myofascitis, urinary calculus, pyelonephritis, lumbar hyperosteogeny, lumbar disc herniation and so on can also cause lower back pain. Different causes of low back pain are usually accompanied by other specific symptoms that patients should pay attention to avoid misdiagnosis.
Patients with prostatitis not only have lower back pain, but may also have symptoms of frequent urination, urodynia, incomplete urine, and abnormal discharge in some serious cases. During the treatment, it is advised to avoid sexual contact and develop a healthy lifestyle, otherwise, it may lead to aggravation of the disease and prolong the treatment.

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