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Psychotherapy for Patients with Prostatitis Is Also Important

With the increase of age, more and more men are more vulnerable to prostatitis, a lot of patients will suffer from fear and anxiety which will affect their work and life. As time passes, the severe psychological burden will cause a vicious circle, and even affect the progress of treatment. What I want to tell you is that attaching importance to psychological relaxation and positive attitude towards disease are also very important for treatment.

Causes of psychological disorders in prostatitis
1. Fear
Fear is the biggest cause of anxiety and tension in patients with prostatitis, patients are full of fear when it comes to prostatitis due to a lack of correct knowledge of prostatitis, it will cause sexual dysfunction, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, renal failure, infertility, and sexually transmitted diseases.
2. Negative word of the harm caused by prostatitis
Adverse propaganda always exaggerates the danger of prostatitis and how difficult it is to be cured. And mistakenly connect all the other male diseases with prostatitis to achieve some commercial purposes and cheating on the patients.
3. Well-constructed resources
There is a lack of correct communication channels for patients. For example, at present, many media release some incorrect knowledge in the form of columns, lectures or advertisements without strict censorship, resulting in an illusion that there are many famous experts who specialize in andrology. When patients need to know something about prostatitis, it is hard for them to judge whether the source is true or not.
4. Spiritual interaction
Psychological problems occur when patients are not properly guided.
1) Focus on one or more symptoms and amplify your senses so that you can't pull yourself out of the vicious circle.
2) Patients will be too worried about their body health, and the excessive concern will make discomfort more obvious.
3) Because patients lack correct knowledge, they will often mistake some normal physiological reactions as abnormal pathological signs, long-term excessive worry will cause fixed symptoms.
Treatment of Psychological Disorders in Prostatitis
1. Insist on the clinical treatment for the long term.
2. Combined with necessary chemical and physical therapy, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is very helpful to the patient's condition. 
3. Establish a good doctor-patient relationship
Doctors should listen to patients' detailed medical history and catharsis, give them understanding, comfort, guidance (examples, impact and treatment cost ratio), and build trust and friendship.
4. Health education
Doctors should also Introduce the biology and anatomy of the prostate and the knowledge of prostatitis to the patients so that they can understand that prostatitis is only a common disease, which has nothing to do with the occurrence of prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer, does not directly cause sexual dysfunction, it does not belong to sexually transmitted diseases, too. 
Besides, prostatitis will not affect renal function, and infectious prostatitis can affect fertility. But it can turn to the normal state after a cure. There is no clear evidence that nonbacterial prostatitis can affect fertility.
5. Encourage patients to establish a harmonious family and social relations, to accept prostatitis with a positive attitude, and to work and live with symptoms. Do more, think less, and try to divert your attention.
Thus, it can be seen that while patients with prostatitis receive drug treatment, it is also extremely important to actively participate in psychological treatment, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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