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Does Drinking Water before Bed Have Negative Effect on Prostatitis?

A majority of people are accustomed to drinking a glass of water before going to bed, which should be a good habit, nevertheless, it is harmful to the health of prostatitis patients. Patients with prostatitis often suffer from frequent urination and urgent urination. If they drink some water before going to bed, it will increase the burden of the prostate. 

Experts pointed out that it's better for patients with prostatitis not to drink water before going to bed. As we all know, drinking too little water is one of the direct causes of prostate diseases. Drinking enough water can help patients to dilute urine and is also the first priority to prevent prostate diseases. Drinking more, then we can urinate more, avoid holding back urine, activating blood circulation, dilute bacterial toxins, dredge blood vessels in time, promote waste discharge in vivo, and enhance immunity and resistance.
However, some patients with prostatic diseases have difficulty in urinating, so they are afraid to drink water. This is actually a misunderstanding about prostatic disease. Generally speaking, patients do not have too many restrictions on drinking water during the day, because enough urination is conducive to the irrigation of urinary tract, drinking too little water will cause urine concentration and is easy to produce urinary tract stones. However, they should not drink too much water at night.
The prostate is strangled to the urethral orifice, when prostate diseases occur, normal urination will be affected first, and there will be an increased frequency of urination, urination discomfort, dysuria, and other symptoms. 
If you drink water within two hours before bedtime, you can't urinate intentionally when falling asleep. Holding back your urine can cause a full bladder and weakening of detrusor tension, which can lead to difficulty in urination, resulting in acute urinary retention. 
Besides, it is well known that drinking water before bed increases the amount of urine, and the increase in the number of wake-ups can also affect the quality of sleep.
Therefore, patients should develop a good habit of proper diet and regular urination. Drink more water when they wake up, in the morning or at noon. It is suggested to drink little or no water at night as far as possible and stop drinking water within two hours before bedtime. In this way, the body water can be fully supplemented, and avoid a full bladder at night, causing frequent and urgent urination.
In order to get rid of the troubles of prostatitis as soon as possible, patients should actively cooperate with the treatment while doing well in routine care. Choosing suitable treatments often has a very good effect, such as antibiotics, surgery, and conservative natural medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. At the same time, it is reminded that having a harmonious sex life is also good for your recovery.

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