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Prostatitis: Why Can't Antibiotics Solve Your Problem?

According to statistics, 70% of prostatitis patients have received antibiotics treatment. Many patients complained: "I have been treated according to the doctor's instructions, why is it ineffective?" Others often said: "At the beginning, the antibiotics treatment is effective, the symptoms are significantly alleviated. But soon after the treatment is over, the symptoms will come back.”

In patients with prostatitis, anti-inflammatory treatment is generally based on broad-spectrum antibiotics, characterized by a wide range of antimicrobial, a broad spectrum of antimicrobial, strong killing effect on bacteria. If your prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics can solve the problem effectively. 
Patients always have mixed feelings about the anti-inflammatory effect of antibiotics, because if it is bacterial prostatitis, as long as they receive antibiotic treatment and they can recover when they finish the whole course of treatment on schedule. However, it should be noted that the cases of bacterial prostatitis account for only 10% of all cases of prostate diseases, and the remaining 90% of patients are chronic prostatic diseases which antibiotics is usually not effective to them.
Chronic prostatitis is not inflammation, it is the morbid state of the damaged prostate gland. The reason why is it attributed to the inflammation type is that when the prostate gland is damaged, the local metabolism will become poor, so there will be a large number of metabolic waste in the diseased parts of the deposit, thus forming inflammation. 
These metabolic waste can only be excreted by strengthening metabolism if it can not be metabolized out of the body, the inflammation will always be there, which is also the main reason why the symptoms of patients can not be improved.
Some patients said that injections of anti-inflammatory drugs would improve symptoms because a large number of antibiotic concentrations have achieved the effect of inhibiting inflammation symptoms. In fact, antibiotics can only play a role in the inhibition of the inflammation, it can not fundamentally cure the patient. 
After a period of treatment, the concentration of antibiotics in patients decreases, and inflammation symptoms recur again. Clinical experience shows that there are many patients who have not been alleviated at all after receiving injections of antibiotics. Normally, the condition of these patients is more serious, the symptoms of inflammation are more serious, antibiotics can no longer inhibit the inflammation.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that prostatitis is caused by endocrine disorders due to visceral dysfunction, there are excessive dampness and heat in the body, and prostatic ulcer caused by abnormal liquid environment in the prostate, so the use of anti-inflammatory drugs can not solve the problem at all, which is also the reason why many patients with chronic prostatitis take so many antibiotics and still can not be cured. Prostatitis can only be cured by adjusting the fluid environment to a balance in the body.
For chronic prostatic diseases, reparative treatment for glandular lesions is an effective treatment for patients. Because only when the lesion is repaired and metabolism becomes regular, the patient's condition will be improved correspondingly and fundamentally. Antibiotics and many other drugs are fighting against the local symptoms of the disease, which is not thorough.
For chronic prostatitis, antibiotics are not necessarily needed, because chronic prostatitis is mostly sterile, so the effect of antibiotics is not obvious. Chinese medicine is based on the etiology and disease mechanism, using natural medicine to regulate Yin and Yang of the human body to treat diseases and strive to fundamentally treat diseases. 
Traditional Chinese medicine not only advocates "preventing disease before it happens", but also attaches great importance to health care so that people can maintain health and longevity. Only by treating the cause of the disease can we recover, not abusing antibiotics.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is one of the most common treatment options, the natural herbs in the formula can play a key role in promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can diminish the inflammation of the prostate, thoroughly treat prostatitis, relieve the discomfort and other symptoms of patients. 
In addition to the effective treatment, routine care is also beneficial to your recovery, At last, I wish you can recover as soon as possible.

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