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Treat Prostatitis with Medicinal Paste

Generally, antibiotics are the main drugs for the treatment of prostatitis. In theory, antibiotics are only effective in acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. In fact, there are many ways to treat prostatitis, one of which is medicinal paste. 

As one of the four traditional Chinese medicine treatments, medicinal pastehas a long history and positive impact on the treatment of some diseases. Next, we will introduce several methods of medicinal paste for the treatment of prostatitis, hoping to help you.
There are various kinds of medicinal paste for prostatitis, commonly used are the following:

1.Herbal navel powder
First fill the umbilical cord with 0.15g musk, then cover it with 7 pieces of white pepper, at last cover the musk and white pepper with white paper and fix it with adhesive tape, change once in 7-10 days, 10 times as a course of treatment. The effect of this method on prostatitis is really good.
2. Prostatic medicinal paste 
Patients can use honeysuckle, Euphorbia hirta L, dandelion, Ligusticum wallichii, frankincense, myrrh, safflower, Typhonium giganteum, peanut oil or soybean oil, mature rosin, borneol, musk with appropriate amounts. Soak the medicine in oil for 15 days, then heat it in the pan and fry it. Remove the powder residue when coke is burned, continue boiling until dripping water becomes beads. 
Next, add rosin and stir continuously to make it melt completely, turn off the heat and stir it with Borneol and musk noodles, and you can use it when it cools down. Take twenty to thirty grams of medicinal paste and knead it into thin slices and applied to perineal points and middle extreme point, do not forget to fix it with adhesive tape.

3. Local mud application Therapy
Heat the mud to 46 ~50 degrees centigrade and placed in the lumbosacral and perineum for 30 minutes once a day, 15~20 times as a course of treatment, which had obvious effect on alleviating the symptoms of prostatitis.

natural herb
In addition to the three common therapies of medicinal paste, there are many treatment methods for prostatitis, such as common natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, including honeysuckle, safflower, angelica, cowherb seed, banksia rose and other natural herbs, it can clear heat and detoxify, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, alleviate the discomforts and pain of patients and completely eliminate the lesions in the prostate. 
It is reminded that patients should not be blindly treated, go to the regular hospital for treatment is the correct behaviour and choose the appropriate treatment according to the condition.

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