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A Powerful Remedy for Prostate Problems - Rape Pollen

Rapeseed is a large-scale agricultural cash crop cultivated in China and Canada. Rapeseed is beneficial to the kidney, and it can also retain the immunity and ability of body defense function to diseases resistance. Besides, rapeseed can eliminate the symptoms like soreness of the waist and knee and has a significant effect on prostatitis and BPH. If you eat some pumpkin seeds at the same time, the curative effect will be better.

If you want to keep the development and maintenance of the prostate regular, there should be enough male hormones. And you need to keep a balance on the male hormones and estrogen. The pathogenesis of enlarged prostate is related to the regulation and uncontrolled endocrine system. 
And in the rapeseed, there are more than 20 amino acids, such as glutamic acid and proline. Therefore, it can improve the blood circulation of the prostate tissue, reduce edema,  and alleviate the urethral obstruction. The combination of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a conservative natural medicine, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. It also has an excellent therapeutic effect on chronic prostatic diseases such as prostatitis.
Flavonols in rape bee pollen have a potent antioxidant, hypolipidemic, analgesic, anti-radiation effect. In addition, it is also the rival of BPH. Its treatment efficiency for prostatitis is up to 90%, and it can prevent enlarged prostate, prostatic dysfunction, and treat a varicose ulcer. 
Rape pollen can enhance the strength of capillaries and reduce blood lipids. It is useful in treating diabetes, anemia, constipation, cancer prevention, and anticancer.
Also, according to a recent study abroad, prostaglandin E1 plays an essential role in regulating T cell function, especially in cancer resistance. Linoleic acid, linolenic acid, zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, all play an essential role in the production of Prostaglandin E1. The lack of any of these nutrients will reduce the content of prostatic E1, which will lead to T cell dysfunction. You can find the above important bioactive substances in rape pollen.
Pollen does not taste so good, and many people may not be used to it at first. You can add some honey or milk or warm boiled water in a ratio of 1:4 with pollen or you can take it orally directly. The health care dose is 5-10 g, and the treatment dose is 20-50 g. 
Taking the rape pollen on an empty stomach in the morning and evening will have a better effect. However, if you have gastrointestinal pain after receiving it, you should take it after meals or take it with food, such as porridge. Pollen is not a kind of specific drug, so you can not expect it to be effective immediately. It should be taken continuously for a long time. Generally, you can see significant improvements for more than three months.

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