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Examinations to Test Your Prostate Health

There is a theory that, to some extent, male aging begins with the prostate. Even the body is still healthy, but there may be some urination problems, you may have slight pain, which is the alarm issued by the prostate. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to prostate health. So what tests can help men know about their prostate health?

medical examinations
medical examinations
Digital rectal examination
Touch the anus with a finger, which is called the digital rectal examination. Digital rectal examination is the simplest and preferred method for internal examination of rectum and anus. Many anorectal diseases can be detected in the early stage only by this method. 
According to statistics, rectal cancer is predominant in the middle and lower rectum, and 80% of rectal cancer can be detected by digital rectal examination. If there is no abnormal situation, the examination can be completed in one minute. The examiner wears finger sheath and lubricant on his index finger and extends patients' anus to check the rectal condition.
It doesn't sound troublesome, but a bit awkward. According to data, 80% of missed rectal cancer patients are caused by missed diagnosis. Doctors have been calling for digital rectal examination as a routine examination item. Especially for people over 55 years old, it is recommended that digital rectal examination and enteroscopy be done once a year.
Digital rectal examination
Digital rectal examination
The diagnostic accuracy can reach 50%~80%. The possibility of prostate cancer should be highly suspected if stone-like nodules, masses of varying sizes, a few millimeters, large and fixed are found.
Blood prostate specific antigen(PSA)
PSA detection is an effective method for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer developed in recent years. This method only needs a small amount of blood to determine the possibility of prostate cancer based on laboratory data. Although PSA is highly sensitive in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, in addition to prostate cancer, increased PSA can also be found in some patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis, which will interfere with the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.
B-mode ultrasonography of transrectal prostate
This is also an effective method of prostate cancer examination, which can determine whether there are hypoechoic nodules on the prostate of patients. If so, the possibility of prostate cancer should be considered.
Prostate biopsy
Through the above three examinations, prostate biopsy should be performed in some patients with high suspicion of prostate cancer to make a definite diagnosis. A prostate biopsy is the most effective method for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Although it is a traumatic diagnostic method, it will not bring great pain to patients. Patients also need not to worry about the proliferation of prostate cancer cells caused by aspiration.
Although the above examination methods are not complicated, they provide an essential basis for doctors to judge the condition of your prostate. When patients notice some discomfort symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible to receive scientific treatment, such as drugs and surgery. 
Patients with prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia, if conventional treatment can not improve your condition, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively improve patients' discomfort and symptoms such as urinary urgency, frequency. Besides, it can also enhance patients' immunity and body resistan

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