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Bask in the Sunshine Can Prevent and Treat Prostatitis

You know what? It turns out that sunshine is an important substance to enhance the vitality of men. No wonder people often use the sunshine boy to describe men who are energetic. Studies have shown that men who are unable to conceive successfully in women generally suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and sunshine promotes vitamin D synthesis in the body. Therefore, it is suggested that men who want to have children should be exposed to the sun more often.

A foreign study tested the sperm quality of more than 300 men and analyzed 40 of them in detail. The results showed that men exposed to the sun often had faster sperm movement, stronger penetration, and women were more likely to get pregnant. Vitamin D plays a decisive role in the production of semen. It not only helps the formation of semen but also enhances the activity of sperm. Vitamin D receptor activity in the semen of normal men was estimated to be three times higher than that of infertile men.
Vitamin D levels decrease in winter when there is less light. More than half of Finnish men who participated in a survey suffered from vitamin D deficiency in winter and were 1.8 times more likely to suffer from prostatitis than normal men. The study also found that men aged 40 to 51 had a 3.5-fold higher risk of prostatitis and a 6.3-fold higher risk of spreading inflammation if their vitamin D levels were low.
The amount of vitamin D in men is directly proportional to androgen. In men with low vitamin D levels, the number of healthy sperm was significantly lower than normal. Every October, when winter comes in Europe, sunshine decreases and vitamin D access decreases. 
By March of the following year, the level of vitamin D intake from sunlight had dropped to its lowest level. During this period, men also had the lowest testosterone levels and weaker sexual desire. Prostatitis and sperm problems will directly affect men's fertility, so patients need timely treatment to avoid adverse effects. 
Generally, the surgical treatment of prostatitis is very traumatic, which is not recommended. At present, the comprehensive drug treatment such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has been very mature and effective in the treatment of prostatitis. It is developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping with more than 30 years of clinical experience. It will not produce side effects, but also enhance the immunity of patients.
Although sun exposure can enhance sperm motility, irrational sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer. It is suggested that people exercise outdoors when the temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius, which can help to absorb vitamins. Nevertheless, the time should not last too long and 2 hours at most. In addition, men should also avoid a period of 12 - 15 pm when the sun is strongest.
Tips: Do not wear white clothes, especially when the ultraviolet radiation is strong, white clothes will reflect ultraviolet radiation to the face or bare arms, so that skin will be sunburn. Wearing red clothes, sunshine is the most appropriate, and you can also wear sunglasses. It should be noted that sunscreen should not be applied in the sun to avoid affecting the synthesis of  vitamin D.

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