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Why Is Prostate Vulnerable to Diseases with Vitamin D Deficiency?

Recently, researchers at Graz Medical University in Austria found that vitamin D supplementation may increase testosterone levels in men. Researchers recruited 200 men aged 39 or so with a total testosterone level of about 5.5 ng/ml. They were randomly divided into two groups: one group received 20,000 international units of vitamin D3 supplements per week, and the other group received a placebo. The results showed that testosterone levels increased in men who received vitamin D3 supplementation.

The study, presented at the European Endocrine Conference, warns that previous studies have shown that vitamin D is involved in spermatogenesis and maturation and testosterone production so that men lacking vitamin D often have worse sperm quality. In addition, some surveys have shown that artificial insemination is less successful in couples with vitamin D deficiency. Although the clinical significance of this study needs to be further verified, men can still supplement a moderate amount of vitamin D in their daily life.
Vitamin D is mainly found in animal liver, lean meat, marine fish, and other animal foods. In addition, in addition to food sources, vitamin D can also be derived from its own synthetic strategies, but this requires more sun exposure and more ultraviolet radiation. 
Frequent exposure to the sun to ensure adequate ultraviolet radiation can prevent vitamin D deficiency. But here's a reminder that you should also pay attention to protecting your skin in the sun. The time should be before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m.
New research published at the Multidisciplinary Prostate Symposium in the United States suggests that there is a link between vitamin D and prostate health. Researchers say the higher the vitamin D level in the body is, the better the prostate protection will be. As more health benefits of vitamin D have been discovered, research on its prostatic protection has been increasing. 
Researchers say it's not enough to get vitamin D from the sun alone. Food and nutritional supplements are effective ways to improve vitamin D in the body, while avoiding the risk of skin exposure. Sue Fairweather-Tait, head of the Department of Nutrition at the British Food Research Institute, said that rational vitamin D supplementation was the only way to maintain the best level of vitamin D in the body.
Vitamin D is necessary for the human body, but a long-term overdose can also cause poisoning. The recommended daily intake for adults is five ugs. Long-term daily intake of 25 UG of vitamin D can cause poisoning. In addition, vitamin D supplementation is not the only way to prevent prostatitis. For the prevention of the harm of prostatitis, men also need to do a good job in the following aspects.
Quit smoking and alcohol, drink more water, and urinate more, eat less spicy food. Prevent cold, avoid sedentary, long-term cycling, and horseback riding. In addition, we should insist on regular physical exercise, and a balanced diet, a healthy life. If you want to get rid of prostatitis, you must go to a regular hospital to see a doctor, in order to avoid delaying the treatment of the disease. 
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