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Is 3D Treatment for Prostatitis Reliable?

What is the 3D treatment for prostatitis? 3D visual prostatic tract interventional technology is recorded by microelectronics and operated visually under 3D surveillance. Through the principle of high-frequency electromagnetic field oscillation effect and thermal effect, it breaks through the defects of a microwave, short wave, radio frequency, drug perfusion, injection, and so on, which can not penetrate the physiological lipid barrier of the prostate.

The orifice of the small glandular duct is not easily blocked. The liquid in the glandular duct can be discharged out of the body naturally. Pathogenic microorganisms can not survive, and there is no bleeding or traumatic damage to prostate tissue.
The closed circuit and the special high-frequency electromagnetic field formed by the electrodes, prostatic fluid, perfused drug liquid on the special guidance tube are located in the bladder and urethra, respectively, by using the upper and lower balloons of the electrode catheter to form the closed cavity.
Under the thermal effect, shock effect and external pressure of high frequency electromagnetic field, fungicides are directly introduced into the deep layer of the lesion, which increases the permeability of tissue and cells, activates the activity of drugs and enhances the power of drugs, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms quickly and flushing them out of the body continuously.
Is it really as effective as it is said?
However, 3D treatment has not gone through many clinical types of research, and the accuracy of the efficacy has not been recognized. Secondly, endoscopic therapy may involve invasive examination and treatment. Side effects are greater, and the prostate capsule is easily damaged. 
Interventional therapy of the prostatic cavity is to insert balloon catheter through the urethra and inject drugs into the prostatic gland through the opening of the urethra, trying to directly enter prostatic tissue through drugs so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.
But this treatment is ineffective because there is a strong capsule outside the prostate with very small expansibility, medicine can not be squeezed into it. Even if it can enter through high pressure, it can only cause damage to the prostate catheter and urethra, leading to more severe inflammation. 
And if the operation is improper, it is easy to bring pathogenic bacteria from outside into prostatic tissue, causing iatrogenic infection, which can seriously cause ejaculatory duct obstruction and infertility. Therefore, 3D treatment is not advocated at present.
The prostate is not necessarily treated with antibiotics, and it depends on the specific pathological factors and patient's varying conditions. On the contrary, it will cause flora imbalance, affecting health and follow-up treatment. Prostatitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, and prostatitis is not incurable. Patients can be cured as long as the treatment is appropriate, and the method is reasonable and standardized.
Common herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice, not only it can play a good therapeutic effect on prostatitis, but also can help patients to regulate the whole body, improve immunity, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating the disease from the root and preventing the recurrence of prostatitis. For the prevention of prostate diseases, patients should pay attention to good living habits, eating habits, health care, and self-regulation.

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