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A Special Drink List for Prostatitis Patients


Tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine, and so on in the teas are the ingredients that can help cure the diseases. Caffeine can stimulate the kidney, promote diuresis, improve the filtration rate of the kidney to reduce the retention time of harmful substances in the kidney.

Besides, caffeine can also eliminate excessive lactic acid in the urine, and help to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible. And tea polyphenols have a significant inhibition and killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and have a significant effect on diminishing inflammation and stopping diarrhea.
Prostatitis patients can drink the following seven kinds of tea:
1. Peach blossom tea
This is a natural plant growing in Xishuangbanna. According to Dai nationality doctors, peach blossom tea can play the role of eliminating inflammation, relieving stranguria, expelling kidney toxin, flushing urinary tract, etc., so it can also relieve prostatitis symptoms.
In the early stage of drinking this tea, patients may have symptoms like frequent urination and a bad smell of urine. Continuous drinking for several days can improve the condition of drips after urinating and frequent nocturia caused by prostatitis.
2. Green tea
Green tea is a traditional natural health drink with a good diuretic effect. It contains a variety of nutrients, including amino acids, caffeine, tea polyphenols, proteins, organic acids, sugars, vitamins, lipids, and other organic substances, as well as up to 28 inorganic nutrients such as copper, magnesium, potassium and sodium. The proper drinking of green tea for prostatitis patients can play the role of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, dispelling fatigue, and other medical and health care.
3. Bamboo leaf tea
This kind of tea has a very good effect of clearing away heat and removing dampness. Patients can drink water with bamboo leaf, radix polygonati Officinalis, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, and other materials together, which can significantly enhance the effect.
4. Ginseng tea
American ginseng has a very good effect of nourishing yin and kidney, patients with prostatitis due to kidney yin deficiency and prostatic hypertrophy can often drink American ginseng tea.
5. Plantain tea
Plantain tea also has the effect of detoxification and diuresis. If prostatitis patients are accompanied by urinary tract irritation symptoms, they can drink some plantain tea properly.
6. Honeysuckle tea
In traditional Chinese medicine, honeysuckle is good herbal medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. Patients can buy some honeysuckle in the pharmacy, and then brew it with hot water. It is conducive to reducing the swelling and pain symptoms of prostatitis so as to achieve the treatment effect.
7. Dried tangerine peel tea
You can collect orange peel, tangerine peel, and dry it in the sun. It's better to use the old dried orange peel. Wash the orange peel, tear it into small pieces, put it in the cup, pour some boiling water, and stew it, then you can add some sugar. This tea can invigorate the spleen and appetizer and is most suitable for chronic prostatitis.
As long as we don't drink too much strong tea or don't drink tea at night, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and are good for health. But not all prostate patients are suitable to drink tea. For example, if patients with chronic prostatitis have symptoms of neurasthenia such as restlessness, insomnia, palpitation, and upset, they should not drink tea.
The caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and other substances contained in tea have the effect of stimulating the nerve center and the heart, and this effect will aggravate the anxiety syndrome, thus aggravating the condition. Acute prostatitis with fever should also not drink tea, because, in addition to reducing the therapeutic effect of drugs, theophylline in the tea can increase body temperature.
At last, it is reminded that in addition to the teas mentioned above, we also need to cooperate with drug treatment at the same time. Because chronic prostatitis makes prostate tissue form a permeability barrier, most of the antibiotics can not reach effective treatment concentration through the barrier, the cure rate is low, and it is easy to relapse.
Therefore, the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice, with stronger efficacy and direct access to the focus, it can cure the diseases without any side effects and damage to the body. In addition, we should also eat more foods rich in vitamins and protein, which can strengthen the body's resistance and repairability, so as to help the recovery of the disease.
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