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Can People Adopt Salt Bath to Treat Chronic Prostatitis?

The so-called salt bath is to wash your body with salt powder after soaking the skin with warm water, instead of massaging and rubbing the skin with salt to make the skin hurt, and this method became popular first in the United States. It has been proved that the floating saltwater can not only sterilize and disinfect the skin but also strengthen the skin.
Besides, it has an effect on skin cleaning, moisturizing, acne removing, whitening, and wrinkle-preventing. It can also remove fat and lose weight, reduce blood pressure, have a certain effect on skin diseases, joint pain, and rheumatism, and also have an effect on hair growth and anti-aging.
The chemical substances in the salt bath water play a great therapeutic role in a specific physical condition on the human body under 28 ℃ ~ 37 ℃. At this temperature, the capillary will expand, the pulse will speed up, the blood pressure will drop, the left ventricular output will increase, the blood oxygen content will increase, the carbon dioxide will decrease, which is conducive to the auxiliary treatment of the disease.
Bath salt is rich in carbon dioxide, iron, copper, manganese, chloride, etc., which can produce biochemical reactions on the human body and play a specific role. It should be noted that the salt used as a salt bath is very fine and powdery salt (mineral salt is the best).
1. Add two tablespoons of coarse salt into 40 ℃ warm water and mix well.
2. Soak in the bathtub for about 5 minutes, leave the bathtub for about 30 seconds, and repeat the action for about 2-3 times.
3. Finally, clean the whole body with bath milk, including your hair.
You can use bath salt instead of crude salt, but not edible salt. It can quickly discharge the waste in the body. In addition, when bathing, there will be many minerals attached to the skin, increasing the moisturizing effect, keeping your body warm, increasing blood circulation and metabolism. 
It can also effectively promote the metabolism of the body, play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammation, and remove excess fat and cuticle in the body. In addition to weight loss, it is also effective for headaches, chills, and shoulder aches.
Blood stasis usually increases the chance of bacterial retention, which is a key pathogenic factor of prostatitis. Therefore, the promotion of blood circulation can also improve the metabolism and nutrition supply function of the prostate, enhance the disease resistance and immunity of the prostate.
On the other hand, it can also play a certain role in relieving the symptoms caused by prostate diseases such as the urgency of urination, frequency of urination, swelling of the perineum, abdominal pain, etc.
What should we pay attention to when taking a salt bath?
Do not take a bath if you are too hungry, full, or drunk. If you are too hungry to take a bath, you will have the risk of blood sugar lowering and shock. If you are too full, your digestive function will be affected. In fact, the salt bath is very simple. As long as some common cheap salts such as sea salt and sodium chloride are added to the bathwater, salt bathwater with different effects can be prepared.
Although the salt bath is safe and easy to operate, the elderly with some diseases should be cautious, such as severe hypertension patients, heart patients, acute stage of cerebral apoplexy, etc. In addition, patients with all kinds of acute inflammation are not suitable for a salt bath.
So, for patients with prostatitis accompanied with other diseases, salt bath may not be so proper, so you can try natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is deprived from the nature and it will not cause any side effects. 
It has powerful anti-inflammatory and sterilized effects, and it can help you promote the blood circulation and relieve blood stasis, promote diuresis and relieve stranguria, so as to improve the symptoms and discomforts. In addition, it can enhance your immunity to prevent diseases and achieve the goal of a radical cure. I wish that you can recover as soon as possible.
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