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Tips for Prostatitis Teenagers

Prostatitis is a common disease of the genitourinary system in men under 50 years old. But teenagers must also be alert to prostatitis! Generally speaking, prostatitis patients are mainly married men, but not all. There are many cases of prostatitis in unmarried males.

The cases of prostatitis in college students and senior high school students are also common, but most of them are related to urinary tract infection and bad habits. They are not the same as the causes of prostatitis in adults due to unclean sexual life.

The main causes of prostatitis in adolescent patients are: drinking a lot of alcohol, eating stimulating food frequently, and indulging in pornographic audio-visual products excessively, which can lead to extensive and lasting congestion of prostate, and finally cause the occurrence of acute prostatitis.



Let's introduce 5 common causes of prostatitis in teenagers.

1. Balanitis of prepuce

Many boys have phimosis or phimosis is too long, if there is no complete treatment or cleaning, it is easy to have secondary urinary tract infection, such as balanitis of prepuce. If not treated in time, the inflammation will spread to the prostate and lead to prostatitis.

2. Blood infection

Repeated upper respiratory tract infection, or suppurative infection that does not heal for a long time, will lead to reduced resistance, inflammation may invade the blood from the local immune, and if the immunity of the prostate is poor at this time, it is likely to be secondary to prostatitis.

3. Congenital malformation of the urethra

Some boys have congenital diseases such as abnormal opening of urethra or ureter, hypospadias, urethral valves, etc., which can not be found in the condition of phimosis or redundant prepuce. But due to the pressure of the urethra caused by suffocation, urine may flow back to the prostate, causing infection.

4. Long-time sitting

Middle school students have a heavy-learning task. If they sit for a long time and oppress the pelvic cavity, it will cause dysfunction of the pelvic floor nerves and muscles, and also induce prostatitis.

5. Catch cold

Because of the unstable weather, it is hot and sometimes it is cold, in this way, it's easier to catch a cold. The cold blood circulation of the pelvic floor is not good, which is also an inducing factor for prostatitis.

The main clinical symptoms of prostatitis are mental malaise, fatigue and weakness, lower-back pain and limp legs, frequent spermatorrhea, endless urination, and the feeling of not emptying bladder. There are often thin watery secretion or milky white mucus in the urethra. Sometimes there is slight burning or uncomfortable feeling in the urethra during urination.

The majority cases for adolescent patients are chronic prostatitis. Although they may also have acute urination, frequent urination, and perineum discomfort, the initial symptoms are generally not obvious, and the patients can tolerate it, so it is easy to be ignored.



Prostatitis should not be ignored, but patients should not feel stressed. The best way is to check symptoms and seek medical treatment in time. Under the guidance of doctors in regular hospitals, etiology treatment, symptomatic treatment, and psychotherapy are carried out. Prevention of prostatitis is more important than treatment. We should exercise more, drink more water, stay up late less, have less urine retention, pay attention to rest, avoid tobacco, alcohol and excessive drugs, and enhance disease resistance.

If you want to cure prostatitis completely, you can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, promoting Qi and relieving pain, diuresis and treating stranguria have significant curative effect on prostatitis. It can help patients recover in 1 to 3 months in accordance with proper diet plan.

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