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Can Hemorrhoids Cause Prostate Problems?

There are many symptoms in prostatitis, which is difficult to treat because of the complicated etiology and pathology. In addition, hemorrhoids is also a disease that men often suffer from, which brings certain problems to patients. What does hemorrhoids have to do with prostatitis? Can hemorrhoids cause prostate problems?

Prostatic inflammation is a common disease in urology, and male patients in urology account for the first place under 50 years old. There are many different causes, and the etiology of different prostatic inflammation is different. Infective factors predominate in the pathogenesis of bacterial prostatitis. In the pathogenesis of non-bacterial prostatitis and prostatic pain, infective factors may be an inducing or initial factor, but non-infective factors may play a leading role.

Hemorrhoids refers to the swelling of the veins inside and outside the anus, the backflow of venous blood is not easy, and there are cyan purple, prototype or oval mass diseases. Those with lesions outside the anus are called external hemorrhoids, and those inside the anus are called internal hemorrhoids.



People often say "ten men and nine hemorrhoids", which means hemorrhoids is a common disease in life. Many patients know that hemorrhoids are often followed by constipation, but they do not know that some of them are actually caused by enlarged prostate or pelvic tumors, cirrhosis and so on.

There are many causes of hemorrhoids, which can be caused by eating problems, or hemorrhoids caused by their own diseases. Prostatic inflammatory can also cause hemorrhoids. It can cause long-term dysuria, resulting in increased abdominal pressure, and the formation of hemorrhoids due to congestion and expansion of rectal vein with backflow disorders. So prostatitis can cause hemorrhoids.

Men with prostatitis could have hemorrhoids. The treatment for this kind of hemorrhoids are only useless by the plaster. It is necessary to treat the prostate together. When prostatitis gets cured, the hemorrhoids naturally become better. Not only men, but women's increased abdominal pressure can also cause hemorrhoids.


Whether it is hemorrhoids or prostatic inflammatory, patients should pay attention to timely treatment. Sitz bath can effectively prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids, and it is good for the treatment of prostatitis. But too high and too low water temperature is not conducive to the treatment of them, 40-45 degree water temperature can promote local blood circulation, which can play a certain therapeutic effect.

So what should you pay attention to in order to prevent prostatic inflammatory and hemorrhoids in your life?

1. Do not sit for long and drink more water to avoid constipation

Try not to sit for a long time in life and work to reduce the pressure on prostate and perianal tissues. Similarly, we should also avoid constipation. Usually, we can eat more fruits and drink more water, and form the habit of getting up early and defecating on time.

2. Light diet

The daily diet is mainly light, and eat less spicy and stimulating food. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and zinc-rich foods, which have a good auxiliary effect for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

3. Drink less, and better to quit

In fact, we all know that drinking hurts the body. If it really can't be avoided because of the dinner party, it's better to have a proper amount. After all, health comes first.

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