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How to Treat Antisperm Antibody and Infertility Caused by Prostatitis?

Antisperm antibody (AsAb) can cause the immune response of men and women, and produce the corresponding antibody, namely anti-sperm antibody. At the same time, the anti-sperm antibody can also hinder the combination of sperm and egg, resulting in infertility.
As we all know, there is an immune system with special defense functions in the human body. It is a powerful weapon for people to survive and resist the invasion of various pathogenic bacteria. Sometimes people's immune system function will be impaired, which may be congenital or acquired.
The anti-sperm antibody is produced by this immune system. Under normal circumstances, the lymphatic system has the ability to distinguish its own tissues and foreign bodies; in addition, there are some issues that cannot be recognized by the immune system, such as sperm antigens.
Spermatogenesis is later than the immune tolerance period. Under normal circumstances, spermatozoa and blood circulation are isolated. Once the reproductive tract is damaged, or there is inflammation such as prostatitis and other diseases when spermatozoa and blood circulation meet, an immune response will occur, resulting in the production of anti-sperm antibodies, so sperm can not form.
In addition, a large number of clinical data showed that 5% - 10% of infertile men had sperm agglutination antibody and sperm immobilization antibody in their blood and semen. 
When the blood and semen with anti-sperm antibody are mixed with normal sperm, agglutination will occur, which will stop sperm activity and cause infertility. The specific manifestations are varicocele, genital inflammation, vas deferens obstruction, etc.
According to data statistics, many patients with prostate diseases will mostly lead to the decline of sexual life quality, and their inflammation will increase the secretion of IgG and IgA in the prostaglandin. These substances are the immune mediators that cause infertility, which is related to the form of anti-sperm antibody, increase the anti-sperm antibody in the body, abnormal sperm, and thus affect fertility.
There are also clinical data proving that a variety of pathogenic microorganisms in prostatic fluid of patients with the prostate disease can affect the quantity and activity of sperm, and a large number of bacteria and bacterial toxins can consume the nutrients in semen and affect the survival of sperm.
The systemic therapy of the anti-sperm antibody is to inhibit the immune response with corticosteroids such as prednisone. In addition, for men, sperm can be washed with a culture solution before artificial insemination. For women, the condom can be used for 3-6 months to avoid contact between the female reproductive tract and sperm.
Only when the titer of anti-sperm antibody in the body drops or disappears, can the condom be stopped for sexual intercourse, can pregnancy be possible. But if the antis-perm antibody is caused by infection of the reproductive tract such as prostatitis, the patients need to be treated thoroughly to solve the problem.
Because chronic prostatitis makes prostate tissue form a permeability barrier, most of the antibiotics can not reach effective treatment concentration through the barrier, the cure rate is low, and it is easy to relapse.
To improve prostatitis, first of all, we need to solve the problem of blood circulation, such as jogging, stretching, massage, etc., to promote the contraction of prostate and nearby muscles, keep the blood vessels unblocked, and make drugs and other components enter the prostate. This also consists of the general principles of traditional Chinese medicine treatment view.
Therefore, patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is made up of more than 50 variety of herbs, such as plantain seed, safflower, peach kernel, Houttuynia cordata, cowherb seed, etc., and these ingredients make it have the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, Qi and relieve pain, diuretic and relieve stranguria.
Therefore, it can not only treat chronic diseases pertinently congestive prostatitis but also can help patients adjust the internal, keep a balance between Qi and blood, so as to achieve the effect of removing diseases and enhancing immunity to resist diseases.

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