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Is Sauna OK for Prostatitis Sufferers?

Prostatitis is a chronic inflammation of the prostate, the symptoms are similar to that of the urinary system, such as frequent urination, poor urination, abdominal discomfort, and other symptoms. Patients with Prostatitis can have some sauna, and it is helpful to prostatitis.


For prostatitis, heating can improve symptoms, so sauna has a relatively good effect on it. But prostatitis patients should drink enough water in advance to avoid excessive sweating, which can lead to water shortage. Can prostatitis patients have a sitz bath?



Hot water sitz bath is a kind of treatment method that many chronic prostatitis patients are keen on. It can make the local temperature rise, make the muscle relax, blood vessels expand, accelerate the blood circulation, promote the dissipation and absorption of the local inflammatory exudates, and alleviate the clinical symptoms. Besides, it is simple, so many patients like to use it very much.


It is generally believed that the effect of warm heat can promote blood flow reflux, promote the dissipation of inflammation, to reduce symptoms and shorten the course of the disease. Sometimes, you can also use natural herbal medicine decoction for sitz bath, or with massage and other methods for adjuvant treatment.


So, is this treatment suitable for everyone? Is there any problem that needs to be paid attention to?


The two problems need our special attention:


1. The effect of hyperthermia is harmful to spermatogenesis.


This academic point of view has been clear for a long time. High-temperature working and living environment has great damage to testicular spermatogenic function. The normal temperature of the testicle is about 2-3 degrees less than the body temperature. In this temperature, the testicle can work normally.


And the temperature that warm water sits bath commonly uses is 42-45 degrees or so, so the patient can feel comfortable. When sitting in warm water, testicles will be inevitably immersed in hot water.



Long-term sitz bath with hot water will lead to the decrease of a spermatogenic function of the testis, which should be paid attention to by doctors and patients.


Therefore, for those patients with fertility expectations and requirements, we generally do not recommend this way of treatment, or at least do not recommend this way of long-term treatment. For infertile patients, try to avoid steaming sauna a lot is the same reason.


2. There is another problem to pay attention to in the sitz bath of natural herbal medicine.


The medicinal juice often has a color, after a long-time sitting it could form a local pigmentation. Don't think it's a trivial thing!


Pigmentation in the perineum may cause you a lot of trouble. Many patients are often depressed about it, and there are some couples who have conflicts on sex because of it. And there are many other problems. Therefore, the patients who take natural herbal medicine sitz bath need to know the consequences.


Of course, control the water temperature, don't burn yourself is also need to be paid attention to. In addition to a sauna and sit bath and other auxiliary prostatitis treatment, patients can also take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to achieve the curative effect.

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