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Onions can Help you Prevent Prostatitis



Onion has many functions, such as a diuretic, antidiarrheal, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, cholesterol-lowering, blood pressure-lowering, etc. Moreover, onion is very good for men's prostate health, but also has some auxiliary effect in the prevention of prostatitis.
Allicin and other sulfur compounds are the main physiological active substances of onion; its bulb and leaf contain a kind of oil volatile called propylene sulfide, which can resist cold, influenza virus, and have a strong bactericidal effect. And there are two special nutrients in onion, quercetin, and prostaglandin a. It is the only plant known to contain prostaglandins, which can also protect the prostate.
In addition, the microelement selenium contained in onion is a strong antioxidant, which can eliminate the free radicals in the body, enhance the vitality and metabolism of cells, and has the effect of anti-cancer and anti-aging; it can not only prevent the aging of cells but also improve blood vessels and promote blood circulation.
We know that if the blood circulation becomes poor, the prostate gland tube is blocked, the gland fluid is not excreted smoothly, and the prostate is chronically congested, resulting in different degrees of urinary frequency, urgency, pain, endless urine, urinary tract infection and other symptoms, it is likely to induce prostatitis.
And in prostatitis patients, the selenium content in the prostatic fluid and seminal plasma of most people decreased, especially in the chronic prostatitis patients. This is because, when the selenium content is reduced, the antibacterial ability of the prostate is decreased, and the defense ability of inflammation is also decreased, which leads to prostate infection and disease. So for men, it's good to eat some onions properly.
It is worth noting that onions can protect the prostate and prevent prostatitis and other prostate diseases. However, if you have been diagnosed with prostatitis, it is recommended not to eat onions, which are spicy and irritant. Spicy diet has an irritant effect on the prostate and urethra. After eating, it will cause vasodilation, edema, or reduced prostate resistance.
Generally, it can cause symptoms of prostate discomfort, and it is conducive to the growth and reproduction of a large number of bacteria living in the prostate to induce acute prostatitis, or to aggravate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
Medical research has proved that zinc has a strong bactericidal effect on the prostate. Selenium can improve the anti-bacterial ability of the prostate. Protein is an important raw material for men to synthesize semen. It is good for men to supplement more in their daily diet. Eat more fish and shrimp, lean meat, eggs, and bean products.
Antibiotic treatment is the common treatment option for prostatitis patients; however, due to the easy decomposition of antibiotics, the efficacy is not easy to reach the concentration. Prostatitis can not be cured in time, which leaves the patients with more severe consequences.
Therefore, the patients can choose the patented Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is based on the ancient formula and is composed of more than 50 natural herbs. These ingredients make it have the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, diuretic, and relieving stranguria, so it can treat chronic congestive prostatitis effectively.
Moreover, it can also help the patients to regulate the internal environment and balance the Qi and blood, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating symptoms and curing the causes.
In addition, patients can also treat prostatitis by massage, which is an ideal method, prostatitis massage mainly refers to massage the outer layer of gland, directly promote the emptying of prostate gland tube and increase the concentration of drugs, to achieve a certain auxiliary treatment effect and relieve prostatitis.
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