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How to Get Rid of Yellow Sperm?

Normal semen is a kind of thick liquid mixture, which consists of sperm and seminal plasma. Seminal plasma accounts for more than 90% of the volume of semen. The color of normal semen should be gray-white or slightly yellow, and it is translucent milky white after liquefaction. So what are the specific causes of yellow semen, and how to treat it?
1. Inflammatory infection
Generally, yellow sperm is more common in men who have not ejaculated for a long time. If this situation lasts all the time, inflammation should be considered. It is suggested that a routine semen examination should be carried out in the hospital.
Before semen collection, sexual life should be stopped for 2-7 days, and masturbation, somnolence, and other conditions are not allowed. Smoking and alcohol should also be forbidden, and drugs that may affect the spermatogenic function should not be taken.
2. Dead sperm discharge
Sperm has a life cycle in the body. If you don't ejaculate for a long time, the sperm will die in the body, so you will find that the color of semen is yellow. If you ejaculate again in a short time after the dead sperm is discharged, the sperm will be healthy and show normal color again.
3. Prostatitis and other male reproductive diseases
In general, the normal semen of men is translucent and opalescent. Abnormal semen color includes yellow, greenish-yellow, pink, bloodshot the semen, and so on. When a man has prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, it will also cause the phenomenon of yellow sperm.
If prostatitis and seminal vesicles are inflamed, the bacteria will stimulate the sperm in the semen, so as to reduce the semen quality, and also cause yellow sperm. You need to see a doctor in time, and you can also choose to take the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, which has a great curative effect on prostatitis without any side effects.

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