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How to Get Rid of Yellow Sperm?(2)

4. Sperm deformity
Basically, every time a man ejaculates, there are always some malformed and stunted ones in tens of thousands of sperm. As long as the rate is not high, actually it does not affect normal pregnancy.
Generally speaking, if the abnormal sperm in semen is more than 20%, it can also make the semen color turn yellow. At this time, we need to test the sperm deformity rate in time and prescribe the medicine according to the specific situation.
In addition to treatment, patients can also adjust and improve sperm quality through diet:
Persimmon is rich in lycopene, which can improve sperm immunity, increase sperm resistance to various toxic qualities, and give sperm a strong body.
Duck's egg
Duck eggs contain amino acids. Amino acids are the disintegration of proteins. The human body's need for proteins is actually the need for amino acids. Amino acids can improve sperm vitality and promote metabolism.
Millet contains trace element zinc, which is directly involved in the formation, maturation, activation, and capacitation of sperm and plays a role in improving sperm quality.
To improve the quality of sperm, in addition to nutrition, we should pay more attention to many other aspects of our life. Quit smoking and drink less, stay away from high temperature, work and rest regularly, ensure adequate sleep, avoid sedentary habits, exercise more especially in the crotch, you can strengthen the iliopsoas and sartorius muscles to prevent prostatitis.
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