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Effects of Herbal Enema on Chronic Prostatitis

1. Because the drug acts on the rectum, which is close to the focus, so efficacy can be directly absorbed by the prostate, thus increasing the local blood circulation of the prostate and promoting the elimination of inflammation.
2. The prostate is sensitive to heat. Drugs with a certain temperature can directly warm the prostate through the rectum to play a good role in treatment.
3. On the one hand, the drug efficacy can enter the prostate, and on the other hand, the toxin of the prostate is discharged to the large intestine and discharged out of the body.
4. Many prostatitis patients have anorectal diseases, and these anorectal diseases are also the reasons for recurrent prostatitis. An herbal enema also has a better therapeutic effect on anorectal diseases, which can be said to be a double shot. Herbal enema is not only effective in treating chronic prostatitis, but also simple and easy. Patients can treat themselves at home without obvious side effects.
After relieving yourself, lies on your side, inserts the disposable catheter into the anus for 7-10CM, and then uses a 50ml syringe to inject about 100ml-200ml of 40 ℃ liquid medicine at different times, and pulls out the catheter, patients should not sit up or stand immediately to avoid the outflow of liquid medicine. The treatment time is best arranged before sleeping.
How about the effect?
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, prostatitis is fundamentally caused by dampness, heat, deficiency, and other reasons. Herbal enema has a certain therapeutic effect on chronic prostatitis, but it only acts on the symptoms, not the root cause, so the effect is limited.
How to treat chronic prostatitis with both symptoms and causes?
According to TCM, chronic prostatitis is mainly caused by stagnation of dampness, the downward flow of damp and heat, which eventually causes toxic and repeated attacks, so that the condition can not be cured. At the same time, the disease can damage the spleen and kidney and can be combined with congestion and kidney deficiency.
TCM will prescribe medicine according to different patients' disease and constitution, while it is made of natural herbs, which will not produce any side effects or drug resistance. The conservative herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good representative.
Under the action of channel ushering drugs, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the prostate membrane, and its effective concentration can reach the lesion, clear the inflammation of the genitourinary tract from the root, restore the normal function of the prostate, alleviate the discomfort of genitourinary organs.
In addition, the anti-proliferation and anti-fibrosis effect can effectively prevent the proliferation of residual lesions and recurrence, so as to achieve the effect of curing causes and symptoms. However, TCM treatment pays attention to gradual improvement, and the course will be slightly longer, but at the same time, recurrence and drug resistance are avoided. Finally, I hope you recover soon!
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