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Can Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Cure Chronic Prostatitis in Young Men?

According to clinical data, in recent years, the number of young men with chronic prostatitis is increasing, so why do young people get chronic prostatitis? The occurrence of chronic prostatitis is closely related to living habits as below:
1. Frequent sex or masturbation
Young men are more energetic and sexually activity, so frequent sex and masturbation are very common, which makes the prostate congested and inflamed
2. Alcohol and tobacco
Young men are usually accompanied by alcohol and tobacco when they are at parties during work. The harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide contained in tobacco will damage the prostate through circulation.
Alcohol has the effect of dilating blood vessels. Long-term drinking will cause the prostate gland to be congested for a long time and then cause infection. Therefore, alcohol and tobacco are also chronic Ones of the causes of prostatitis.
3. Holding urine
Many young people have developed the bad habit of holding urine in study and work, but holding urine will lead to a full bladder, and then urine will flow back into the prostate, and bacteria in urine will stimulate the prostate, causing chronic prostatitis.

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