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Causes of Chronic Prostatitis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chronic prostatitis has a high incidence, accounting for about 25% of adult male patients and 30% of urological outpatients. Chronic prostatitis has the characteristics of slow onset, complex etiology, diversified symptoms, atypical physical signs, prolonged course, hard to heal, which seriously affects people's health and life.
In traditional Chinese medicine, etiology and pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis are complex and diverse, mainly divided into the following categories:
1. Accumulation of damp-heat
Frequent sexual life or irregular diet, fat and spicy food, drinking, all of the bad habits can cause damp heat, resulting in chronic prostatitis. The main clinical manifestations were increased urinary frequency, urgency, and pain.
The main pathogenesis of acute prostatitis is a downward flow of damp and heat. In the acute attack of chronic prostatitis, this is also the key cause accompanied by other risk factors.
2. Stagnation of blood stasis
When the prostate is chronically congested for a long time, the microcirculation will be blocked. Therefore, blood stasis is not only a pathological product but also a pathogenic factor.
The typical clinical manifestations of stagnation of blood stasis are enlargement and tenderness of the prostate. Besides, pain in the lower abdomen, perineum, spermatic cord, lumbosacral and purple tongue, petechiae, deep, uneven pulse are also common symptoms.

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