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Can Urethral Pain Caused by Chronic Prostatitis Be Cured by Herbal Medicine?

Some prostatitis patients will have pain in urination, and the pain is most obvious at the end of urination. After urination, they may still feel pain, similar to the pain in the abdomen. So, how does this happen?
On the one hand, the prostate will be congested and edematous under the stimulation of inflammation, which will compress to the urethra, so it will cause symptoms like dysuria and frequent urination; on the other hand, the bacteria or other inflammatory substances in the prostatic fluid will attach to the urethra mucosa, causing inflammation changes, so patients will have urethral pain.
Recently, studies also have shown that the urodynamic examination of prostatitis shows that the pressure of the posterior urethra is significantly increased after men suffer from prostatitis, which results in the increase of the smooth muscle ability of the posterior urethra of the prostate and the backflow of urine to the prostate.
At the same time, the uric acid in the urine will produce a chemical stimulus, leading to symptoms such as urethral pain and groin pain.
If the presence of pathogenic bacteria is found in the prostate culture medium, antibiotics can be applied in the treatment of prostatitis, such as ofloxacin, levofloxacin, etc.

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