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Can Urethral Pain Caused by Chronic Prostatitis Be Cured by Herbal Medicine?(2)

However, it should be noted that it is difficult for antibiotics to achieve the efficacy of the prostate directly, so if the symptoms do not improve significantly after taking for a period of time, it is necessary to stop taking and change drugs or methods. When antibiotics are ineffective, or the cause is unclear, herbal medicine can be selected to treat chronic prostatitis.
Dr. Lee of Wuhan TCM clinic believes that the male genitourinary system is interlinked. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the whole deduction and systematic treatment, and according to symptoms such as urinary tingling, Dr. Lee believes that the treatment principle is to remove the accumulation of damp and heat and the stagnation of stasis and turbidity.
Therefore, herbal medicine without side effects is the best choice for prostatitis. On the basis of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting Qi and relieving pain, combined with drugs of dispersing blood stasis and unblocking collaterals, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can improve the blood supply of prostate, eliminate congestion and edema, and inflammation.
Combined with the drugs for relieving stranguria and promoting diuresis, it can promote the recovery of glands and eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis. Traditional Chinese medicine aims to achieve the effect of removing causes and by enhancing the immunity of patients.
In addition, it also has the effect of anti hyperplasia, anti-fibrosis, detumescence and clearing glands, which can effectively prevent prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. Moreover, the channel ushering drug in traditional Chinese medicine is added, which can directly affect the prostate part of patients, so as to achieve a complete cure.
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