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How to Treat Prolonged Voiding Time Caused by Chronic Prostatitis with Herbal Medicine?

A survey interviewed 465 male drivers over the age of 35. The results showed that: nearly 30% didn't know that normal urination should be completed in one minute; nearly 50% thought that there was no problem even if the urination time was longer than that of ordinary people; about 70% refused to seek medical treatment because of prolonged voiding time, most of the reasons were that they didn't see it as a disease.
Many urologists think that the method of urinating in one minute can be used to check whether the prostate is healthy. That is to say, if the time of urinating exceeds one minute, it may indicate that there may be some problems in the prostate. This is an easy way, especially for middle-aged men.
So how does chronic prostatitis lead to urine hesitancy and prolonged voiding time? When men suffer from prostatitis, the prostate can't contract arbitrarily due to swelling, calcification, fibrosis, and other reasons, which will squeeze the urethra, resulting in the situation that the patient can't urinate even though he has the desire to urinate.
Clinically, the symptoms include urinary hesitancy, difficulty in urination, incomplete bladder emptying and post micturition dribble, etc., resulting in the continuous prolongation of the urination time in prostatitis patients. So how to treat the prolonged voiding time caused by prostatitis?
If you want to restore the normal urinary function of patients, the first prostatitis needs to be cured, the symptoms of prostate swelling, calcification and fibrosis have to be eliminated.

In modern medicine, treatment for prostatitis is based on antibiotics, and due to the limitations and side effects of antibiotics, in fact, this treatment method can not be effective for all types of prostatitis, it generally plays a therapeutic effect on the symptoms, let alone prevent the prostate from calcification and fibrosis.
The patented herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is composed of more than 50 varieties of herbal ingredients. It not only has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, a diuretic to relieve stranguira, but also has the effects of anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification, detumescence and clearing glands.
Therefore, it can effectively treat all types of chronic prostatitis. In addition, in order to achieve the targeted curative effect, its formula is not fixed but can be customized according to the specific condition of each patient, so the effect is more significant.
Therefore, herbal medicine can not only have the effect of targeted treatment for all types of prostatitis but also prevent the symptoms of swelling, calcification, and fibrosis of the prostate, so the urination system can quickly return to normal after prostatitis is cured.
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