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How to Treat Testicular Itching Caused by Chronic Prostatitis with Herbal Medicine?

Testicular itching is one of the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis, which is caused by the disorder of autonomic nerve function due to the inflammation in the prostate. There was no change in the surface of the scrotal skin, but there was abnormal sweating, dampness, or coolness. According to the development of the disease, it can be divided into three stages: acute stage, subacute stage and chronic stage.
When an acute attack occurs, the testicular skin is flushed, pruritus and papules. After scratching, the smooth red skin can be exposed. When there is a subacute attack, there will be severe itching, loose stool, yellow urine, and sometimes there are blisters and mild erosion. 
In chronic attack, the itching can be on and off from time to time and intensified when people are nervous, drinking alcohol or eating spicy food, the testis feels hard, and the skin surface color is dark red or purple-brown.
With the improvement of prostatitis, the itching will be relieved until it disappears. But if prostatitis is not treated timely or thoroughly, testicular itching will not only disappear but also aggravate. Since it is a typical symptom of chronic prostatitis, the treatment should start with the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
The treatment of chronic prostatitis should be focused on ways and methods, and it is suggested not to use antibiotics and hormone-like drugs and traumatic treatment blindly.
As the main genitourinary organ of the human body, the prostate gland is responsible for the secretion of prostate fluid and the transformation of sexual hormones. Abusing antibiotics and hormone drugs will lead to the disorder of prostate gland function and aggravate the disease. However, the traumatic treatment will damage the tissues, blood vessels and nerves in the gland, aggravate the disease and even cause other complications.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the poor circulation of Qi and blood in the prostate leads to the failure of the effective discharge of prostate metabolites, which leads to the blockage and pathological changes of the prostate gland. Therefore, it is necessary to use blood-activating and stasis-removing drugs to unblock the blockage in the treatment.
The peach kernel and red peony in the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relieve pain and swelling, open the blocked prostate gland tube, and eliminate the pain of the patients.
The application of cowherb seed, plantain, Dianthus Superbus and Houttuynia cordata can effectively eradicate the cause of disease, eliminate the symptoms of frequent and urgent urination, and can have a good therapeutic effect on chronic prostatitis. When prostatitis is cured, the symptoms of testicular itching can be eliminated.
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