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Get Rid of Chronic Prostatitis with 11 Effective Home Remedies

The prostate is a unique gland of men. The anatomical structure of the prostate is relatively perfect, and it is protected by a structure called the envelope barrier. Generally, it is not easy to have infection and inflammation in this part. However, when there is a decline in systemic resistance, excessive fatigue and frequent sexual activity (including masturbation) or abstinence for a long time, the prostate will be congested for a long time, providing an opportunity for infection.
The principle of home remedy is to improve the whole body immunity and the local blood circulation of the prostate to enhance their disease resistance so as to eradicate prostatitis.
Take a warm bath
A warm bath can clean not only the body but also be prevention and effective treatment option. Taking a bath with warm water can relieve the tension of men's muscles and prostate gland and relieve the discomfort caused by inflammation.
Iron, calcium, zinc, and other trace elements play a very important role in maintaining the normal function of the human body. If men lack these minerals, it will lead to prostatitis, and lead to semen quality decline. For example, zinc is very important to the health of prostate, which is the place of concentration and secretion of zinc. It can help prevent infection and is believed to play a key role in growth and differentiation, regulation of normal cell and establishment of the immune response.
Swimming can promote the circulation of blood and lymph in the prostate and help eliminate the inflammation in the prostate gland. However, it should be noted that the water temperature in the swimming pool should not be too low, 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ is the best temperature.
If the water temperature is too low, it will stimulate gland contraction and hyperemia, aggravate the fluid deposition in the prostate, and further affect prostate health. The swimming speed should also be controlled at about 30 meters per minute, and the time is about 15-20 minutes.


Jogging can promote blood circulation, reduce pelvic congestion. It can also increase the metabolism of prostatitis. It is possible to produce a squeeze of the prostatic envelope through exercise, help discharge part of the accumulated prostatic fluid, which will is conducive to the treatment of prostatitis.
US research has found that eating about 50g pumpkin seeds every day can effectively prevent and treat prostate disease. The secretion of the hormone function of the prostate depends on fatty acids, while pumpkin seeds are rich in fatty acids, which can keep the prostate run well. The active ingredients can also eliminate the swelling in the early stage of prostatitis and prevent prostate cancer.
Sitz bath is an ancient method to treat chronic prostatitis. It can relax muscle spasm and improve the blood circulation of prostate and surrounding tissues so as to drain the fluid and pus accumulated in the prostate, achieving a great curative effect in treating chronic prostatitis.
The best way to supplement vitamin D is to bask in the sunshine properly. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it can promote the differentiation of prostate cells, increase the production of immune cells, effectively phagocytize and remove the harmful bacteria and microorganisms and the toxic and harmful substances, so as to reduce the symptoms of prostatitis and improve the symptoms of urinary tract obstruction.
Tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine, and so on are the ingredients that can cure some diseases. Caffeine can stimulate the kidney, promote the rapid excretion of urine, improve the filtration rate of the kidney, reduce the retention time of harmful substances in the kidney; caffeine can also eliminate excessive lactic acid in the urine, help to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible; and tea polyphenols have a significant inhibition and killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Studies have found that sedentary men, due to the lack of exercise pelvic floor muscle, become loose, very easy to cause prostate disease. It has been proved that moderate Kegel movement can increase the control of ejaculation, improve blood circulation, promote the blood return of perineum, reduce the congestion of the prostate, and eliminate inflammation.
Honey is rich in amino acids, microelements and various vitamins. The secretion of the hormone function of the prostate depends on fatty acids. Honey is also rich in alanine, glutamic acid, glycine and other fatty acids in this food, so it can play a great role in maintaining the normal function of the prostate.
A foreign clinical study found that apple juice has an amazing effect on zinc deficiency. This study is called Apple Therapy. Compared with the common zinc-drug therapy, apple juice is more effective, safe, easy to be digested and accepted by patients. In addition, the effect is directly proportional to the concentration of apple juice; more concentrated, the effect will be.
When inflammation occurs in prostatitis, the protective envelope barrier will become an obstacle of treatment. Even if a large number of antibiotics are used, only a small amount of drugs can enter the prostate, and long-term use will cause drug resistance and gastrointestinal flora imbalance. At this time, herbal medicine can be a good choice.
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat prostatitis synthetically, and will not add side effects such as adverse drug reactions and drug-resistant strains. It has the function of clearing away heat and detoxification and can replace the broad-spectrum antibiotic to carry out the treatment of anti-inflammatory and sterilization.
Moreover, it has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, improving the blood circulation of the prostate, promoting the secretion of prostate fluid, and improving the time of semen liquefaction.
In fact, the process of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is also a process of analgesia and eliminating congestion, which can effectively alleviate the pain symptoms of patients. If the blood circulation of the prostate is good, the metabolism will be accelerated, and it is also conducive to inflammation elimination, and pelvic floor spasm relief. In addition, it can also relieve the discomfort of urination caused by prostatitis, such as frequent urination and urgency, help patients return to a healthy life and get a healthy prostate.
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