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Home Remedies for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is a common and very annoying pain syndrome in males. At present, people do not figure out its mechanism and any powerful treatments. The treatment includes medicine, physics, surgery, intervention, psychotherapy, etc., but the overall effective rate and cure rate are still low.
Finding a reliable treatment to alleviate pain has become an urgent health problem for many patients. Here are some effective ways for patients to relieve pain that you can also perform at home.
Pelvic floor muscle exercise
Pelvic floor muscle exercise is to train the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, and the key link is to exercise the levator ani muscle. Through this exercise, the blood circulation and muscle elasticity of pelvic floor muscle and prostate can be enhanced, local venous blood circulation can be improved, and venous stasis and varicosity can be reduced.
Moreover, it can also massage the prostate, promote the venous blood flow of perineum, reduce the congestion and inflammation of the prostate. It can be carried out while sitting, lying, and standing.
Wintergreen oil
Wintergreen oil is considered to be a good fragrance, so it is widely used in different massage oils. But it should be noted that it is only used for external use rather than internal use. Generally, it needs to be diluted below 25% to be safe for external use. The salicylic acid penetrates into tissues through the skin to inhibit prostaglandin formation, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.
The blood circulation of people who lacks exercise is relatively slow, resulting in pelvic congestion, edema of the prostate, and other local organs. The long-term lack will cause poor physical fitness and low resistance to disease, so it can not effectively resist bacterial infection.

It has been proved that water can enhance the therapeutic effect, especially for the treatment of circulatory system, skin, and muscle tissue diseases. Hydrotherapy is a supplement to homeopathy and phytotherapy, such as a sitting bath and foot bath, which have a very good effect on relieving prostate pain.
The herbs that can activate blood circulation and remove stasis can be added to a sitz bath, which can relieve the pain of pudenda and accelerate the blood circulation of prostate tissue, but it needs to be guided by a professional doctor.
Hot compress
A local hot compress can expand the blood vessels of the prostate and accelerate the blood circulation, which can improve the pain and discomfort caused by the inflammatory attack. At the same time, it can reduce the clinical symptoms such as frequent and urgent urination and pain of urination, and promote the absorption of inflammation. However, it can only temporarily relieve symptoms instead of achieving the goal of a cure.
Modern medical research has found that onion can reduce inflammation and bacteria, and can help promote urinary problems. Onion contains a special substance called prostaglandin A, which can dilate blood vessels, activate blood circulation, and remove blood stasis. It can also reduce blood viscosity and eliminate pain.
2 liters of water
Many people will reduce the amount of water they drink when it gets cold. For patients with prostate disease, the reduction of drinking water will reduce the concentration of urine and the number of urination, which will have a very adverse impact on the prostate, kidney, bladder and other organs. And boiled water or tea more than 2 liters per day is the best.
Keep the private area warm
The low temperature will affect the movement of Qi and blood, so the patient should pay attention to keeping your body warm, especially the lower abdomen. The hot water bag can be placed in the lower abdomen for hot compress, which is very helpful in reducing the pain.
Keeping the prostate warm can reduce the pressure of the prostate in the cavity, smooth the relaxation of the fibers, reduce the resistance of the outlet of the urethra, that is to say, the urination is unobstructed. Doing a good job of keeping the prostate warm can reduce the contraction of muscle tissue and restore the state of congestion and edema of the prostate to normal.
Of course, it should be noted that the above methods are just used for relieving pain and other symptoms, but not for a radical role. In the clinical practice of more than 20 years, it was found that the patent herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping in Wuhan based on TCM theory and her own 30 years of clinical experience can treat the CPPS powerfully.
This herbal formula has the effect of promoting Qi and blood circulation, relieving pain and promoting urinary issues, effectively relieve the symptoms and discomfort in urination and pelvic area. In addition, it is beneficial to the whole body and can improve immunity to disease while treating CPPS, so as to achieve a thorough cure.
In addition, because it is made of herbal ingredients with reasonable compatibility, it does not produce toxic or side effects, and will not trigger allergic reactions of patients. And so far, no feedback has been received on side effects, and patients can take it for a long time with worries.

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