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Home Remedies for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) is a common and very annoying pain syndrome in males. At present, people do not figure out its mechanism and any powerful treatments. The treatment includes medicine, physics, surgery, intervention, psychotherapy, etc., but the overall effective rate and cure rate are still low.
Finding a reliable treatment to alleviate pain has become an urgent health problem for many patients. Here are some effective ways for patients to relieve pain that you can also perform at home.
Pelvic floor muscle exercise
Pelvic floor muscle exercise is to train the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, and the key link is to exercise the levator ani muscle. Through this exercise, the blood circulation and muscle elasticity of pelvic floor muscle and prostate can be enhanced, local venous blood circulation can be improved, and venous stasis and varicosity can be reduced.
Moreover, it can also massage the prostate, promote the venous blood flow of perineum, reduce the congestion and inflammation of the prostate. It can be carried out while sitting, lying, and standing.
Wintergreen oil
Wintergreen oil is considered to be a good fragrance, so it is widely used in different massage oils. But it should be noted that it is only used for external use rather than internal use. Generally, it needs to be diluted below 25% to be safe for external use. The salicylic acid penetrates into tissues through the skin to inhibit prostaglandin formation, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.
The blood circulation of people who lacks exercise is relatively slow, resulting in pelvic congestion, edema of the prostate, and other local organs. The long-term lack will cause poor physical fitness and low resistance to disease, so it can not effectively resist bacterial infection.

It has been proved that water can enhance the therapeutic effect, especially for the treatment of circulatory system, skin, and muscle tissue diseases. Hydrotherapy is a supplement to homeopathy and phytotherapy, such as a sitting bath and foot bath, which have a very good effect on relieving prostate pain.

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