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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments for Chronic Prostatitis

Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) treatments are to treat diseases through body conditioning. It has a unique theoretical system, which has been verified by rich clinical practice. At the same time, it also embodies the academic thoughts of traditional medicine, such as prevention over treatment, health care. Its effect is also obvious to all, more and more people pay attention to it, and it is widely used and spread in daily life.
At present, TCM treatments are gradually recognized and adopted in more and more countries and have their own unique views and advantages in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
Herbal enema is to keep the effective components directly absorbed by the human body after infusing it into the rectum for a certain period of time. In addition, the warming effect can promote blood circulation and form effective blood concentration in prostate tissue so as to alleviate the congestion of prostate tissue.
It can excite the acupoint receptors. The peripheral nerve impulses enter the central nervous system through the dorsal root of the spinal nerve along the human nerve fibers, the integrated nerve impulses reach the adrenal medulla through the sympathetic nerve postganglionic fibers, stimulate the tissue to release catecholamine.
Therefore, it can inhibit the permeability of blood vessels, reducing tissue edema and exudation, achieving the functions of eliminating swelling and inflammation, healing the damaged tissue and regulating secretion, etc.
The principle of cupping is to use the cupping as a tool to cause negative pressure in the cupping by means of combustion, air extraction, and steam, so that the cupping can be adsorbed on the acupoints on the body surface or the diseased parts, making the local skin congested, and benign stimulation can be produced, has the effect of promoting Qi, relieving pain, eliminating swelling, removing cold, clearing heat and removing toxin.
Cupping treatment is simple and practical, and each treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. Generally, professional therapists are needed to ensure the best treatment effect.
Meridian therapy
Meridians and collaterals are the meridians that move Qi and blood. If the meridians and collaterals are blocked, there will be pain and other diseases. This is the traditional Chinese medicine saying that "pain is blocked."
On the contrary, if the circulation of Qi and blood is good, there will be no pain or disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine, pain is relieved with improved blood circulation. When TCM doctor detects disease in a certain viscera or a certain part of the body, there will be tenderness and pain in a certain part of the body, which can be solved by promoting the circulation of Qi and blood.
Foot therapy
The reflex area of the prostate in the foot is located at the later part of the lower finger of the medial ankle joint protrusion of the lower extremity. When suffering from chronic prostatitis, pressing here will cause tenderness.
Massage, kneading, pressing, and other stimulation to the tenderness points and bladder area of different degrees of forces, which can improve some symptoms of patients. If it can be combined with an herbal foot bath, the effect will be better.
Acupoint sticking therapy
It makes use of the connection of acupoints and meridians of the human body to make the drug efficacy reach the prostate and play a role in eliminating inflammation and swelling, promoting blood circulation, and relieving pain.
This therapy is relatively simple to perform, and patients can carry out it at home. It can significantly alleviate patients' pain, urination issues, and quality of life, prolong the latent time of ejaculation, and improve sexual life satisfaction.
Herbal fumigation therapy
Herbal fumigation therapy was used as a useful back-up treatment of chronic prostatitis. Direct administration through the whole body skin, meridians, and other parts of the body, strong penetration can penetrate into the body, the rapid increase of local blood concentration can play a therapeutic role, so as to quickly eliminate or alleviate external symptoms. In addition, it can promote the expansion of capillaries, blood and lymph circulation, accelerate metabolism, and enhance immune function.
Some movements of Taijiquan can train the pubococcida muscle, which can support all organs in the pelvis, is a relatively wide ligament. This part of the exercise is good for human endocrine, especially gonadal endocrine.
Taijiquan can also relax the nervous system, improve the regulating function of the central nervous system, adjust the imbalance between the endocrine disorders and the autonomic nervous functions, reduce the sympathetic tension, and relax the spasm of small blood vessels, which not only strengthens the blood circulation but also reduces the peripheral resistance so that chronic prostatitis can be alleviated.
Chinese herbal medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine adopts the treatment principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment, according to the specific situation of patients, it can customize the formula, which can achieve a good clinical effect and is widely recognized by many patients.
For example, common herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill inherits the tradition of traditional Chinese medicine, it has a complete formula, and there are no stimulation or side effects. Although the course of treatment is long, it can remove the focus thoroughly.
The ingredients of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis combined with effects of heat-clearing and detoxification can effectively shrink the gland to normal size, and kill bacteria effectively. What’s more, it can effectively alleviate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, such as white discharge after urinating, frequent urination, dysuria, prostatic pain, and prostatic congestion.

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