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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Antibiotics and physical therapy are generally used to treat chronic bacterial prostatitis in Western medicine. Some patients will improve their symptoms soon after receiving a large number of antibiotics. This is because the concentration of antibiotics in the human body will inhibit the symptoms, but when the concentration of antibiotics in the human body decreases, the symptoms will be repeated.
Although the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively slow, it is much milder and more effective. The first goal of treatment, of course, is rehabilitation. At the same time, people still need to consider side effects and damage to the treatments. If the recovery is at the cost of the failure of the gland function, it is not worth the loss.
Here are several effective traditional Chinese medicine treatments for bacterial prostatitis.
It can affect the endocrine environment of the tissue, regulate the function of the pituitary-adrenal cortex, promote the release of the adrenocortical hormone, enhance the stress of the body and the ability of tissue repair, and promote the change of local tissue inflammation to subside.
By improving the cellular immune function or adjusting the humoral immune function of the body, the disease resistance and bactericidal ability of the body can be improved, and the effect of anti-inflammatory and detumescence can be achieved.
Scraping is to use scraping instruments to scrape and test meridians and acupoints, give full play to the role of Ying Wei Qi through benign stimulation, make meridians and acupoints congested, improve local microcirculation, play the role of preventing diseases, dredging meridians, relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and dampness, eliminating swelling and pain, and enhancing the potential disease resistance and immune function.
When cupping therapy is applied, it can stimulate the local skin with warm heat, make the local superficial tissue produce passive hyperemia, expand the local blood vessels, promote the local blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism.
The improvement of local blood circulation can quickly remove the accumulated inflammatory exudates and pain-causing substances, so as to eliminate swelling and pain. Cupping therapy can also enhance the phagocytosis of leukocyte and reticuloendothelial system, and the disease resistance of the body.
Chinese herbal tea
Tea has many pharmacological effects, such as exciting, diuretic, antibacterial, inhibiting arteriosclerosis, enhancing the toughness of capillaries, and so on. For example, peach blossom tea, green tea, bamboo leaf tea, ginseng tea, orange peel tea and other tea can promote the discharge of inflammatory substances in the body, and effectively alleviate the symptoms of discomfort in urination.
However, it needs to be paid attention to avoid strong tea as much as possible. Strong tea will have certain irritancy; in addition, if the patient has restlessness, insomnia, palpitation, upset and other neurasthenia symptoms, it is not suitable for drinking tea. Caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and other substances contained in tea have the effect of stimulating nerve center and heart, which will aggravate anxiety syndrome, thus aggravating the condition.
Bee Venom Acupuncture
Bee venom acupuncture is a combination of a bee sting and traditional Chinese acupuncture. It uses sting on the bee tail to sting human acupoints based on the principle of acupuncture. It is a kind of natural therapy, also known as scattered acupuncture. Because bee venom has obvious anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can accelerate local blood circulation, it is conducive to the absorption of inflammation and eliminates the symptoms of urinary tract irritation.
Although there are more and more people using Bee Acupuncture, there is no evidence that it is effective, and this is not the first time that the treatment has a negative effect. In 2015, according to a study on PLOS One, "bee venom has a 261% higher risk of adverse reactions in the body compared with saline injection."
Chinese herbal fumigation therapy
Guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, penetration of herbal medicine, skin absorption and circulation treatment, a kind of external treatment therapy of traditional Chinese medicine is used to achieve the purpose of healing through the external use of the body by using the drug properties produced after decoction and modulation.
It has been proved that the herbal fumigation therapy has a direct therapeutic effect, definite curative effect, wide indications and no toxic side effects. The effective ingredients of fumigant herbal medicine can produce efficacy on the skin directly contacted, and play the role of bacteriostasis, anti-inflammatory, swelling and so on.
A footbath is very good for blood vessels and blood circulation. It can improve blood circulation and metabolism by using hot water. In addition, some herbal medicines can promote the penetration of drugs through the feet to the whole body and meridians, and then move to the organs along the circulation, so as to achieve the effect of internal and external treatment, upper and lower treatment.
Chinese herbal medicine
For many patients, antibiotics may be the first treatment in chronic bacterial prostatitis, but this is not the only way, of course, is not the best way. The inherent resistance of antibiotics determines that they are only suitable for short-term use, while the natural Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can have the curative effect of both symptoms and causes without producing any side effects.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that prostatitis is mainly caused by damp-heat and imbalance of Qi and blood circulation, while there is a bacterial infection in chronic bacterial prostatitis. The heat-clearing and detoxifying effect of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can kill all pathogenic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, etc., and it can also eliminate the pain and discomfort symptoms of the urethra in patients.
What's more, Dr. Lee. Xiaoping also added channel ushering drugs into the formula, which effectively solved the problem of poor drug penetration and absorption. This medicine can reach the focus effectively, improve the prostate pathology of patients, restore the normal function of the prostate gland, and enhance the overall immune function of patients.


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