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Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis(2)

Diagnosis of chronic bacterial prostatitis
In male patients with acute or chronic urethritis, prostatitis may be indicated. The location of inflammation and infection can be generally determined by culturing or staining the segmental specimens of the urinary tract, bladder, or prostate secretion.
Cystitis can sometimes be confused with chronic bacterial prostatitis, and it is easy to be complicated with cystitis when the prostate is infected. The above-mentioned subsection urine specimen and prostate secretion specimen can be used for microbiological examination and culture to identify the infected site.
If cystitis is complicated with bacterial prostatitis, the presence of prostatic infection can be confirmed by killing the bacteria in the bladder after appropriate antibiotic treatment (antibiotics that are difficult to diffuse in the prostate, such as nitrofuran, penicillin G) and repeated bacterial culture.
Anal diseases (such as anal fissure, thrombotic hemorrhoids) can cause pudendal pain or even frequent urination, but physical examination should be able to distinguish them.

The recurrence of urinary tract infection is the characteristic of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Although the symptoms and signs of urinary tract infection can be eliminated rapidly after the bacteria in the urine are killed during the appropriate antibacterial treatment, the infection caused by the same bacteria is easy to reoccur after a period of time after treatment.
Due to the complete killing of bacteria in the urine, the pathogenic bacteria in the prostate remain unchanged because most of them are resistant to antibiotics It is difficult for biotin to penetrate into the prostatic fluid, so after the treatment, the bacteria remain in the prostate, which will eventually cause urinary tract reinfection.
Ascending upper urinary tract infection and bacterial epididymitis may also be complications of chronic bacterial prostatitis. It may also form infectious prostatic stones and lead to chronic infection, which is difficult to be treated by drugs. Sometimes chronic bacterial prostatitis may be complicated with urethral bladder obstruction caused by bladder neck contracture, but whether there is a causal relationship between them is unclear.

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