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Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis(3)

Because the predisposing factors have not been determined, it is difficult to prevent the disease. The normal prostatic fluid contains zinc, which is a powerful antibacterial factor. In the chronic bacterial prostatitis patients, the zinc content in the prostatic fluid is significantly reduced.
Some authors think that this antibacterial factor in the male prostatic fluid is a natural defense against the upward infection of the genitourinary system. However, oral administration of zinc to male patients can not stimulate the increase of zinc content in prostatic fluid.
Therefore, it is necessary to actively treat acute bacterial prostatitis and prevent the occurrence of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Strict aseptic technology should be used to prevent iatrogenic infection of presplitic gland during transurethral device examination and catheterization.
How to treat chronic bacterial prostatitis?
1.Special treatment
1.1 Medical treatment
Pharmacokinetic studies and clinical experience have shown that only a few antibiotics can achieve an effective therapeutic concentration in prostate secretion under the condition of nonacute prostatitis. TMP can penetrate into prostatic fluid, and it has been proved that TMP can successfully cure chronic bacterial prostatitis caused by sensitive bacteria. Long-term treatment (12 weeks) is more effective than short-term treatment (2 weeks).
The principle of individual differences must be considered in special treatment, and the patient's tolerance to drugs must also be considered. Most of the patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis can rarely be cured by medical treatment, but as long as the appropriate oral medicine is used daily to maintain a small dose of inhibitory treatment to ensure sterility in the urine. If inhibition therapy is interrupted, urine will be reinfected, and symptoms will reappear.
1.2 Surgical treatment
Whether chronic prostatitis can be cured by medical treatment or not, surgical treatment can be carried out. Because it is difficult to cure prostatitis with calculi only by antibiotics, chronic prostatic infection and calculi are often indications for operation.
Unfortunately, surgical complications (sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence) limit the choice of this procedure. If transurethral prostatectomy can completely remove the infected tissues and stones, prostatitis will be cured, but it is difficult to achieve this effect because there are a large number of infection focus around the prostate.
2. General treatment
A warm sitz bath can relieve symptoms, anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, ibuprofen), and anti bilinergic drugs (prubenoxin, etc.) can relieve the symptoms and pain of urinary irritation.

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