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Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome(3)

1. Western medicine treatment
Anti-inflammatory treatment
α receptor blockers and five α reductase inhibitors
Botanical preparation
Analgesic treatment
Biofeedback therapy (often combined with electrical stimulation)
Prostate massage
Prostate injection/transurethral prostate perfusion
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy via the perineum
This treatment option can effectively improve the patients' pain and discomfort, micturition problems, and quality of life. The reason why CPPS is difficult to treat is also determined by the structure of the gland, and the outer capsule blocks the entry of drugs.
The commonly used medicines can not penetrate into the prostate tissue, and the concentration of ingredients reaching the gland body is low, which can not reach the bactericidal concentration. Moreover, the side effect is large, which is easy to produce drug resistance.
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine contains many ingredients, which can not only eliminate inflammation, avoid flora disorder and side effects, but also improve the immune status of patients. For example, the common herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with a high cure rate can play a good role in the treatment of CPPS.
The peach kernel and red peony in the formula can play the role of promoting blood circulation and blood stasis, relieving pain and swelling and unblock the blocked prostate gland tube. And the application of cowherb seed, plantain, Dianthus Superbus and houttuynia cordata can effectively remove the cause of disease, reduce frequent urination and other symptoms.
In addition, taking herbal medicine with other traditional Chinese medicine treatments, such as herbal sitz bath, acupuncture, can also improve the blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance the dissolution of leukocyte releasing protein.
The warm stimulation can also reduce the excitability of nerves, inflammatory edema, relieve the pressure of nerve endings so as to relax the muscles, ligaments, and other tissues of patients so as to reduce swelling and relieve pain Effect.
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