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Herbal Tea that Can Help Treat Chronic Prostatitis

Herbal tea has been widely used to promote health since ancient times because of its medicinal value. Herbal tea can be made of different plants and has different health care effects. The following are several kinds of tea that are beneficial to chronic prostatitis.
Dandelion tea
According to an article published in the Journal of comprehensive and comparative biology, 85 plants are known to have diuretic effects, including dandelion. Dandelion also has the reputation of natural antibiotics. Pharmacological research shows that dandelion contains dandelion sterol, dandelion, dandelion bitter, pectin, choline, etc., which has a strong killing effect on Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, and other bacteria.
At the same time, it can better improve the body's immunity, and its leaves have the function of preventing diseases. Like most herbal products, more research is needed to understand the efficacy, dosage and safety of dandelion tea.
Horsetail tea
Horsetail is a kind of flower-free seed closely related to ferns. It has been a therapeutic herb since ancient times. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and a large amount of silica gel, which can promote the metabolism absorption and nutrition balance of the human body. It can also fight against fungal infection and relieve swelling. It is commonly used in prostatitis and the following bladder stimulation.
Stinging nettle and parsley tea
Nettle has been a valuable herb since ancient times and has been used as a diuretic. However, the study found that although the herb has a diuretic effect, high-dose intake has adverse effects. Parsley is another herbal used in tea drinks and is believed to have a diuretic effect, which can help treat the urinary issues caused by chronic prostatitis.
Black tea and green tea
Unlike herbal teas, black and green tea naturally contain caffeine. Generally speaking, caffeinated drinks have diuretic effects. Under the combined action of caffeine and aromatic substances in black tea, the blood flow of the kidney is increased, the glomerular filtration rate is increased, the renal microvascular is expanded, and the reabsorption of water by renal tubules is inhibited, so the urine volume is increased.

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